‘King’s Speech’ Oscar Nods Reach 12!

January 25, 2011
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Many are surprised by the ‘King’s Speech’ Oscar nominations deluge as the British film managed to bag an even dozen. But it wasn’t the only film being smiled upon by the Academy this year.

Colin Firth

There was once a day when the Golden Globes were a reliable barometer for the remainder of the Award’s Season. But for the last few year’s there have been relative shockers when the time comes for the Academy to announce the nominations.

Take this year for example. The Social Network owned the GG’s, which led some to predict that it had a chance of sweeping the Academy Awards as well. Though seven nods isn’t too shabby, the film depicting the inception of Facebook only garnered about half as many nominations as the Colin Firth drama.

Observers note that while it doesn’t lead in the number of nods, it does have a strong chance at winning the coveted ‘Best Picture’ trophy. That category is rounded out by the likes of Black Swan, Toy Story 3, and True Grit.

As for the ‘King’s Speech’ Oscar nominations, they are as follows:

–Best Actor (Colin Firth)
–Best Supporting Actor (Geoffrey Rush)
–Best Supporting Actress (Helena Bonham Carter)
–Best Picture
–Best Director (Tom Hooper)
–Best Original Screenplay
–Best Cinematography
–Art Direction
–Costume Design
–Film Editing
–Sound Mixing

I am still a little miffed by Hurt Locker’s trouncing of Avatar last year. I have always struggled with the Academy’s ‘hipster’ taste for films. It always feels like they pass over those movies that are more popular—except in some rare cases (ie when Titanic won Best Picture).

In that vein, it seems they will in some way snub The Social Network to rain awards down on a historical drama. Pretty typical stuff. Your thoughts?

For more on the ‘King’s Speech’ Oscar nominations visit The Wall Street Journal Online.

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One Response to “‘King’s Speech’ Oscar Nods Reach 12!”

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    Stacy Says:

    I’m not surprised, great film!