‘Million Dollar Money Drop’ Flub-Up Didn’t Cost Contestants $800K Afterall, Bosses Say

December 28, 2010
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During a recent episode of ‘Million Dollar Money Drop,’ a couple was booted off for answering a question incorrectly, only to be told a few days later that they had it right all along. Did the confusion cost them $800,000? Not quite, say the show’s bosses.

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A video gone viral this week of Gabe Okoye and his girlfriend Brittany Mayti losing nearly $1 million has people up in arms. Critics claim their wrong answer (later deemed correct) should automatically qualify them for the winning loot. The only problem? They answered a subsequent question wrong (really this time), and would have lost it all regardless.

So what’s all the rage about?

It all began when Okoye and Mayti risked all $800K on a single question: “Which product was sold in stores first, the Macintosh computer, the Post-It Note, or the Sony Walkman?”

I’ll give you a second to think…

The answer they offered was ‘post-it notes.’ At the time they were told that it was the wrong answer. Not long after, FOX issued a statement saying that they were given ‘incomplete’ information from 3M, which led them to believe the Sony Walkman was older.

The issue at hand stems from the viral video, which only shows them missing that question. What actually happened during the broadcasted episode is a bit different: the couple ends up bombing the very next question, which would have lost it all for them anyway.

Host Kevin Pollak responded to the controversy by insisting that ‘they never had a chance’ at taking home the cash because of the misstep that followed the screw-up.

Many fans have demanded that the network hand over the prize money, but instead they have simply offered the couple another spot on the show.

What do you think? Is that a fair response, or should the ‘Million Dollar Money Drop’ bosses fork over the money to the couple? Let us hear it in the comments section below. Check out the viral clip as well. More on the story here.


One Response to “‘Million Dollar Money Drop’ Flub-Up Didn’t Cost Contestants $800K Afterall, Bosses Say”

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    Amber Dolinick Says:

    These people deserve their MONEY or at least to start off where they left off! It was very unprofessional for a game show to have such a “screw up” with so much prize money at stake! Also, the stress those contestants suffered seeing their money drop like that on national television including the embarrassment! After seeing this, I WOULD NOT want to be on this game show!

    How could FOX be so RECKLESS?!