“Paranormal Activity” Alternate Endings! (Video)

October 27, 2010
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The big buzz in the movie world this past weekend has been all about the release of “Paranormal Activity 2”, the prequel to last year’s breakout hit “Paranormal Activity”. Since the two movies and characters are intertwined, people are still talking about “Paranormal Activity”, but did you know it had three other endings?! For more info and video on the “Paranormal Activity” alternate endings and how it’s blockbuster counterpart did, keep on reading!

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Last fall, people piled into theaters to watch the year’s most intriguing film, “Paranormal Activity”. After an extremely successful viral campaign, the little film that could became one of the most profitable movies ever made. But things could have been much different for not only “Paranormal Activity”, but also this year’s follow-up of “Paranormal Activity 2” thanks to the last 10 minutes of the film.

“Paranormal Activity” was filmed in a week by young filmmaker Oren Peli in his own home, using one camera, for less than $15,000. Most movies will budget $15,000 for catering! After getting rave reviews at independent film festivals, the little film was picked up my Paramount Pictures for a full theatrical release. The production company considered re-shooting the entire film, but decided to keep it in its original format, with just one minor tweak… the ending had to go.

Between the original filmmaker, the new production team, and also Steven Spielberg, there were three endings in addition to the one that was released that could have gotten used:

Ending #1 (the original ending): The ending that Oren Peli originally shot involved the implied murder of Micah and a very possessed Katie spending days rocking back and forth on the floor of the bedroom until the cops show up. Paramount has had their video police on the prowl for unapproved release of this ending since last year, but lucky you, you can view the video by clicking HERE!

Ending #2: Paramount decided to film two different endings to replace the original, and tested them with different audiences. The one they ultimately ended up using got the best feedback, but they still included the other alternate ending on the DVD. You can view the other “Paranormal Activity” alternate ending right here, at the bottom of this page!

Ending #3: During filming, Oren Peli envision the film ending with demon-Katie beating Micah to death with the camera. However, it was decided that considering the limited budget, and the sheer gruesomeness of the scene, that he would not even attempt to film it, instead opting for Ending #1 at the last minute.

It wasn’t that the original ending was bad, but it didn’t really leave much to the imagination. It also didn’t leave the film open for “Paranormal Activity 2”. Two out of the three endings that were actually shot for the film result in the death of not only Micah, but Katie as well. With both characters dead, it kind of makes it hard to involve them in any sequel. Since “Paranormal Activity 2” is a prequel, showing the events 2 months before Micah and Katie begin having problems, they probably could have worked with two dead characters. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but any ending other than the one they used would have made for a completely different concept for the ending of “Paranormal Activity 2”, and squash a lot of possibilities for another potential sequel (or pre-prequel?).

“Paranormal Activity 2” had the best 3-day opening weekend for a horror film ever, grossing more than $41.3 million. While this film had a much heftier budget than the original at $3 million, that is still pretty minuscule by Hollywood standards, and is up there with it’s sister film for highest profit. With talk of “Paranormal 3” already starting, I think we will be seeing a lot more of these films in the future! Can you really blame them with numbers like that?!

What do you guys think? Have you seen “Paranormal Activity” and “Paranormal Activity 2”? Did you like the endings? Do you think they should continue making these films? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and check out the one of the “Paranormal Activity” alternate endings!

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