11-Year-Old Supatra Sasuphan Nets ‘Hairiest Girl’ Title (VIDEO)

February 28, 2011
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Unlike many other girls her age, Supatra Sasuphan may not have to listen to her mother when told to ‘get her hair out of her face’—mostly because that’s one of the many places it actually grows from.

I’ll admit it. I was the kid in the back of my elementary school class glaring into the Guiness Book Of World Records laughing at the two fat motorcycle twins (you know who I’m talking about). Ever since, I’ve had an immense fascination with the beloved records book, particularly for the more peculiar categories.

Now, twenty or so years later, I’ve found another one: an 11-year-old girl in Thailand who is officially being dubbed the ‘World’s Hairiest Girl.’

She is one of only a handful of people in recorded history to be diagnosed with a rare disorder that actually causes hair to grow from practically every inch of the body. Sadly, people with her medical condition were accused of being werewolves back in less sophisticated times—but not little Supatra.

In fact, now that she has earned the prestigious title, she says no one even messes with her anymore. That’s right, no more ‘monkey face’ or ‘wolf girl,’ now it’s ‘world record holder.’

I find all of this kind of inspiring. Rather than be ashamed of something she has absolutely no control over, she is embracing it. Many people in her position would simply run and hide, but she has now found a way to be proud of who she is.

One thing I’m left wondering is how exactly they are able to measure ‘hairiness.’ Do they actually count each follicle, or is it a simple visual inspection. It would seem that sort of title could easily become controversial between contenders. Hmmm..

You have to see the video of Supatra Sasuphan that I included in this post. Your thoughts?


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