Abby Elliott is Chris Elliott’s Daughter

November 13, 2008
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Meet Abby Elliott, the daughter of SNL’s Chris Elliott and latest cast member to be added on Saturday Night Live. See her photos, biography and video here. She is one of two hot new women making the show for the Fall season on NBC.

Abby Elliott Biography

As a biography, the young comedic actress is only 21 years old, the daughter of comedic actor Chris Elliott and granddaughter of Bob from the Bob & Ray Show. She currently lives in Los Angeles but claims New York City as her hometown. Her name is sometimes misspelled “Abby Elliot” with one-T instead of two.

Her voice has been heard on King of the Hill as a “hipster girl,” while she has appeared in bit parts on other TV shows. David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel have hosted her as a guest.

But like most comedian’s of SNL her start has been on stage. Abby has done improv theater around the country, particularly in the Los Angeles area where she recently performed with “The Midnight Show” in Hollywood.

She is a celebrity impersonator, which is a talent on high premium at Saturday Night Live given Tina Fey’s recent success. Much of Abby’s media work has been developed with the help of her own YouTube channel, which includes video impersonations of Angelina Jolie and Kirsten Dunst.

She can also impersonate hair, as our Abby seems to like flipping from blond to redhead. We like her either way.

Obviously the good people at SNL decided that chicks are good for ratings. Having come to their senses, they hired Abby Elliott along with new cast member Michaela Watkins. Good luck to both of the new funny ladies of Saturday Night Live.

Photos and video follow.

Abby Elliott Video


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