“Border Security USA”

May 29, 2008
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ABC has picked up a new documentary series, “Border Security USA”, that is sure to deliver the ratings the network is looking for! Check out photos below!

The creative mind behind “Big Brother” and “Rescue 911″, Arnold Shapiro, has been hard at work on a new series for the ABC Network titled “Border Security USA”. Adding his brilliant spin to the docu-drama that originated in Australia Shapiro will deliver behind the scenes footage of security agents on the job. From patroling borders to the security threats in airports every 60 minute episode will plunge into the area of Homeland security in different states revealing what it really takes to keep this country safe from terrorism.

“We’re showing everyday heroes who are risking their lives to protect us,” said Shapiro, who also produced the law enforcement series “Rescue 911″ and the classic jailhouse documentary “Scared Straight.” “Every mode of transportation to get into the country, we have covered.”

“Border Security USA” is the first reality drama that has worked hand and hand with goverment agencies and Homeland security. Expect to see eleven episodes of the series sometime in 2008 on ABC.


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