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Welcome to Right TV, your home for reality television, the stars, and why we love them – provided exclusively by women. We are a diverse group of women bloggers from differing orientations and from different life perspectives.

Right TV debuted in November 2007. Right TV is an entertainment news gossip website that is hopefully provocative and fun. Our focus on this site is reality television, awards shows, and related entertainment news. We hope to bring you news stories from our unique neo-feminist viewpoint.

Editorial Board

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Mary McCain – Publisher

Mary McCain is the publisher of Right TV. Her hope is that Right TV will do our part to reduce social stigmas for women in a way that is both thought-provoking and culturally beneficial.

Ms. McCain obtained a post-baccalaureate degree, something she refers to as “way too much school,” and proceeded to join the payrolls of various corporations with nice windows. She is also a mother, wife, and local philanthropist residing near San Francisco in California.

You can reach Mary via email: publisher at rightcelebrity dot com

Jeanette Johnson
Jeanette Johnson – Senior Editorial Consultant

Jeanette Johnson joined the Right Celebrity family in March 2007. She has her own celebrity blog, Jeanette’s Celebrity Corner, and it was through a simple email of exchanging links that she forged a wonderful relationship with the Right Celebrity family. She is currently the Executive Editor for Right Celebrity and its sister sites.

Jeanette attended Arizona State University and studied elementary education. With one year left to go, marriage and her new husband’s job transfer out of state quickly put her university studies on hold.

Jeanette has always had a passion for writing, and she has been obsessed with everything celebrity as far back as she can remember. She started her own personal blog in July 2006, and found that blogging about celebrities was more interesting than the daily trials and tribulations of a stressed out, work at home, minivan driving momma, thus the birth of her celebrity website, Jeanette’s Celebrity Corner in September 2006.

She is married and has three children ages 9 to 16. She makes her home outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

You can reach Jeanette via email: jeanette dot blogging at gmail dot com

Jen Ellyson
Jen Ellyson – Marketing Consultant and Fashion Editor

Jen Ellyson joined the Right Celebrity family in July of 2007. Her love of everything celebrity and entertainment started with weekly tabloids, and later progressed to writing about celebrities and fashion on her own blog.

While pursuing her bachelors degree in Education from the University of South Florida, Jen worked as the Fashion Editor on Right Celebrity and its sister sites. Upon graduation in May of 2009, Jen switched to full time for the Right Celebrity family as the Marketing Manager.

You can reach Jen via email: editors at rightcelebrity dot com

John Smith – Editorial Consultant and Television Editor

John Smith joined the Right Celebrity family in May of 2009. He was awarded an undergraduate degree in English / Creative Writing in the summer of 2004. Writing has always been his primary creative outlet, followed closely by drumming. He revels in the satisfaction of composing a flawless piece, and enjoys the freedom of expression that blogging provides. Finding humor and absurdity in the lives of celebrities is something he has grown to love. His work can mostly be found on Right Celebrity, Right TV, and Right Fashions. In January 2010, he was promoted to Television Editor.

You can reach John via email: editors at tv dot rightcelebrity dot com

Sandy Hauge
Sandy Hauge – Consulting Editor

Sandy is a free spirit from the Midwest. She is a a sister with an attitude. She tries her hardest at being the best she can be. She is willing to try anything. She considers herself a professional with a hand in making the best out of any circumstance. Sandy is a fly by the seat-of-her-pants kind-of-gal with determination that goes beyond. She has military, college, and parenting experience. Her two-year old daughter Rylee is the striving force that shapes who she is daily. She may be a bit of a perfectionist, but very much on top of her game. She sings her own song and dances her own dance. Sandy started working for Right Media in September 2009. She is keen on learning and uses the knowledge taught by the other very brilliant and intelligent Right Media family members. She is very thankful to be given such an awesome opportunity and continues to grow as a writer and individual. Sandy is a lover and fights her way through life. Life is something everyone should try at least once!

You can reach Sandy via email: sandymaria at live dot com

Stacy Vanderburg
Stacy Vanderburg – Consulting International Editor

Stacy Vanderburg is a fun loving gal who joined the Right Family in January of 2010. She is excited about the opportunity to express her love of writing, sports and hot topics in the blogging world.

She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida in Communications and her work can be found on Right Fielders, Right TV and Right Celebrity.

She has recently moved with her husband to England, where she enjoys working from home, and getting out and about in the historic towns and great shops and restaurants.

You can reach Stacy via email: stacy dot vanderburg at yahoo dot com


Scarlett Hughes – Writer

Scarlett has been working with the Right Family since March of 2008!  A huge fan of both movies and television, she has been writing and following the entertainment biz on the web since 2006.  She graduated from an all girls private college in Beantown and isn’t afraid to admit that she loves cheesy 80’s movies (especially with John Cusack), Superman, Harry Potter, just about anything Sci-Fi, and yes…Glee!  She currently resides in Massachusetts.

You can reach Scarlett via email: ScarlettRHughes at gmail dot com

Danity Donnaly
Danity Donnaly – Writer

Danity Donnaly is a Midwestern mama with class, sass and a love for celebrity gossip. A little over a year ago Danity started Celebrity VIP Lounge.com as an outlet to dish out dirt on celebrities in a clever and witty fashion.

When the opportunity came to write for the Right Network, Danity chose music as her area of expertise. As a former disc jockey and a former hairbrush singer, Danity has the passion and drive to rock the web with her knowledge. Danity is a fierce dancer who enjoys pancakes and diet coke. However, when she’s not delivering the dish, Danity can be found on Twitter talking smack or shaking her bon bon to any jam by Justin Timberlake.

You can reach Danity via email: danity at celebrityviplounge dot com

Mila Wessler
Mila Wessler – Writer

Mila Wessler is currently pursuing a career in the music industry, and is in the process of making her self produced debut album. She is an optimist who usually can be found with her mind immersed in the arts. Mila was brought into the Right family in February of 2009. Commenting on her fresh blogging career she exclaimed “I was afforded the opportunity to write about subjects that intrigue me. How cool is that!”

Mila is thrilled to be a part of Right Celebrity and its sister sites, and is delighted to watch herself develop alongside the company. She currently resides in Sunny Tampa, Florida.

You can reach Mila via email: mnwblogging at gmail dot com

Rachelle Thomas – Writer

Rachelle joined the Right Celebrity family in October 2009. She is an Iowa native who currently calls Hoboken, NJ home. Her days are filled working in Advertising Sales of AMC Television network in the Big Apple. However she is workings towards the day when she can do what she loves the most all the time, writing the latest dish on celebrities.

Rachelle has had a passion for all things celebrity and writing pretty much forever. It it involves the entertainment industry or anyone in it, she wants to know and write about it, which is why she is a good fit for Right Celebrity and Right Television. She briefly had her own website daytimebuzz.com which focused on three soap operas, which Rachelle has a serious weakness for.

Rachelle is a graduate of Grand View College in her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. After college she decided it was time to spread her wings and has since then lived in Los Angeles, Denver, New York City and now Hoboken.

You can reach Rachelle via email: rchllthms at gmail dot com

Azuka – Writer

Azuka is a Graphic Designer, Web Manager, and Editor. She obtained a Business Administration Degree in 2001 but soon realized she wanted something more. She began to work on the internet six years ago after she decided to study Web Design and Development. It would be perfectly combined with her true career passion: Graphic Design. As a creative person, she is always trying to create something new, improve her work and herself. She speaks Spanish, English and is learning Japanese. She started to work with RC in December 2006, then took a rest and came back in November 2009.

You can reach Azuka via email: azuka dot blogging at gmail dot com

Miriam Valle de Hernandez – Writer

Miriam is our new writer from El Salvador, she joined the Right Celebrity family in December 2009, you can find her on our sister site Right Fielders. She said it has been a great adventure and a blessing to have joined a site filled with such kind and talented writers, where she has learned so much. Miriam is a stroke survivor, but this hasn’t stopped this mother of five along with her hubby to enjoy and cherish every second of their lives, and when a new challenge comes, she tells herself “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”.

When she is not being a full time mommy, you can also find Miriam on her own blog justlife4me.

You can reach Miriam via email: mvalle888 at hotmail dot com

Mandi Nulph
Mandi Nulph – Writer

Mandi joined the Right Celebrity family in May of 2010. She was born in a very small farming town outside of Erie, Pennsylvania, but grew up on the sunny shores of St. Petersburg, Florida. Though she has spent most of her life in Florida, Mandi decided it was time for a change of scene and is currently living in Chicago. The majority of her time is spent working as a marketing writer for several websites, taking care of her many pets, and keeping up on her Hollywood gossip!

Mandi’s passion for writing and entertainment began very young. She was winning awards for her writing as far back as 4th grade, and her love for the written word has only grown since then. Her passion for entertainment began young as well, and she spent some time modeling and acting before working in marketing for a well-known independent record label. She wanted to go to film school to further her love, but ultimately decided writing was where it was at, and she received her degree in Mass Communication from the University of South Florida.

The opportunity to write for such an amazing company filled with such compassionate and talented people was really a dream come true for her, and she can’t wait to continue to contribute to these great sites! Mandi can now be found writing on Right Television, Right on Music, Right Cinema, and Right Cuisine.

You can reach Mandi via email: mandi dot blogger at gmail dot com

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