Actors Who Gained or Lost Weight for Roles: 50 Cent to De Niro

June 15, 2010
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Stars in Hollywood are always taking somewhat drastic measures to best fit their part in movies. We have heard a lot about actors who gained or lost weight for roles recently, including of course 50 Cent. Read more details about what they go through below, with more photos and video.

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Some of the diets and workout schemes are just vicious, and some just plain unhealthy. Of course it all depends on how quickly and what methods they use to shift shapes. Some are quite dramatic, and some are not so severe. Take a look with me at the life of the Hollywood weight game.

The most recent actor who gained or lost weight for a role is none other than Twilight hottie Alex Meraz. E! Online reports he had actually gained weight (well, muscle) for fighting in Eclipse, but had to then go the other way and drop about 45 lbs for his prisoner role in ‘The City of Gardens.’

“I didn’t want to look like a Ken doll, you know what I mean?” he said. “It’s a Peruvian prison in the ’80s, which is nothing like an American prison. There’s not much food. There are definitely no free weights to work out with. So I couldn’t have a gym body.”

It is not quite as drastic, however, as trying to fit in the role of cancer stricken football player 50 Cent plays in ‘Things Fall Apart.’

“Yeah, it was a lot for me to actually get there. After the second week, it was crazy. They say it takes 30 days to make a habit, but man. I was on the Internet and I was looking at Christian Bale, while ‘The Machinist’ was out, he almost killed himself. “I was feeling like maybe I’m overdoing it and I’m dropping 54 pounds, but I was in such a good physical state prior to me deciding to go down on the weight.”

I think it’s a little crazy too, and I was shocked when the Twitter photos came out! He was looking for how other people coped with the need to lose pounds for their characters, and he had a lot to look at. Other than these two recent stars, many, many have done it before them. PopEater ran a story a while ago with some shocking pictures of Brendan Fraser & Jake Gyllenhaal’s changes. Others include Robert De Niro who lost 35 lbs. for Taxi Driver and Tom Hanks lost the same for Castaway.

Though not healthy either, some celebrities got to pack on a few lbs. or muscle for their screen shots. They usually also have another role where they have to lose it. Two such icons are Will Smith & Matt Damon. They both had to gain for an earlier part, and then lose it for a later movie.

I sure would not want to have to be an actor who gained or lost weight for roles, no matter how good they are. It is tough enough to stay healthy and if I had to do drastic measures either way, I would be a mess! What do you think of this crazy ongoing phenomenon? Be sure to leave me your comments and check out some of the pictures, and this video, for yourself.

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Photos: D. Settipane, FayesVision, Hugh Dillon, Apega, Andres Otero, Nikki Nelson, HRC

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