Adrienne Martin: August Busch IV’s Girlfriend Found Dead

December 27, 2010
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Adrienne Martin, the girlfriend of August Busch IV, former Anheuser-Busch CEO, was found dead in his home just before Christmas. Now the 911 call has been released and details are emerging.

Anheuser Busch

27 year old Adrienne Martin had been dating August Busch IV for nearly a year, and things were getting serious. According to her family and friends, he was the love of her life.

“She was starting a new chapter in her life. She had just gone through a divorce and she was ready to start things over again.”

Sadly, her dreams were cut short just before Christmas. She was found dead in Busch’s mansion on December 19. It appears as though she died of natural causes, though a toxicology report will take several weeks.

Her former husband, Dr. Kevin Martin, is a doctor of osteopathy and claims to have diagnosed Adrienne with a heart rhythm disorder in 2002, just after they married. However she refused to seek treatment or tell anyone about it.

“She refused to see a cardiologist about it. I’ve always suspected she thought I was overreacting.”

As for Busch, he was home at the time and his Attorney Art Margulis says, “He’s very very upset. Very disturbed.”

Here is a bit from the 911 call, placed by Michael Jung at 1:12 pm, a member of Busch’s household staff.

Jung: “This girl is not waking up.”

911 Operator: “Is she breathing? We don’t know. It’s dark. I’m going to get a light to see.”

As for more details on Adrienne Nicole here is what we know from her modeling site. Her ethnicity is listed as Native American, and she was an aspiring beer model. She was also pursuing a degree as an Art Therapist. She said, “As an Art Therapist I would work with children to develop their self-esteem and confidence to get through a difficult time. Children that have been traumatized from rape, child abuse, etc. usually do not want to communicate with adults about what happened to them.”

More importantly Adrienne was a mother to an 8 year old son, whom she had with Kevin Martin in her first marriage. She was said to be a wonderful mother, and I am so sad that the little boy had to lose his mommy so young, and so close to Christmas. It is truly a tragedy.

You can see Adrienne Martin’ s modeling photos here.


It was revealed today that Adrienne Martin died of an accidental overdose of oxycodone, a powerful prescription painkiller that is sometimes used recreationally. It is not clear how she obtained the drugs, and the medical examiner had no other comments.

How sad.

Anheuser Busch

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