Alejandra Nash Amarilla: Steve Nash’s Wife Divorces (Photos)

November 14, 2010
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Meet Alejandra Nash, who is the absolutely beautiful Steve Nash’s wife. The star NBA player announced a split and divorce from his ravishing wife, tragically leaving a young family with emotional scars that will last a lifetime. See Alejandra Amarilla Nash photos along with a home video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

As a biography, Alejandra Amarilla was born in the sleepy South American country of Paraguay. She met her famous basketball playing husband almost ten years ago. Since then she has been a dutiful baby factory, turning her husband’s testosterone underneath the sheets into three children. The couple married in 2005, five years ago almost to this day and she proudly changed her name to Alejandra Nash in deference to him.

The couple’s first two children are twin daughters born in 2004, named Lola and Bella. Yes they were born out of wedlock, assuming our math is correct, but what manly NBA player would have it any other way?

Depressingly, her third child Matteo Joel Nash, a baby son was born just two weeks ago on November 12th. So in the span of one month Steve Nash’s wife gave birth to his third child and was served with divorce papers almost before she left the hospital. Well sort of. He says they have been separated for several months while she was pregnant and in the process of legal divorce.

Why on earth, one can reasonably ask, would a spectacularly ugly man who has everything turn his back on Alejandra Amarilla Nash and a beautiful family? Perhaps like Henry VIII he obsessed with having a son for too long or perhaps she is high maintenance. No affair has been alleged. We are left to ponder why and what, and perhaps this is a more complicated story than first meets the eye. Read more below about what he has to say.

But first back to what we know about the subject of our story. When she lived in New York she was a personal trainer which makes sense given how fit her body truly is. She also reportedly worked for non-profit charities, testament to the goodness of her character. Read the comments about her here which include the obvious. Steve Nash’s wife is “hot” says one observant reader.

Said Nash himself according to reports,

“I want only good things for Ale (Nash) going forward; right now, I’m focused on ensuring that our children understand how much they’re loved and adored by us as they continue to adjust to these changes. I would ask that their privacy, and ours as a family, be respected as we move forward. This will be my only statement on this.”

Reading between the lines, when a star player or celebrity asks for privacy and thinks he can make only one statement, it is generally assumed to be entirely their fault. Large egos may get away with stupefying the press in his hometown of Phoenix Arizona, but the rest of the country will give him no free pass. While he should be given the benefit of the doubt, I say man up Steve Nash and tell us what is really going on here.

Reader thoughts about Alejandra Nash (pictures below) and her beautiful family are welcomed in the comments. The grainy video is one that she took herself during happier times.


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7 Responses to “Alejandra Nash Amarilla: Steve Nash’s Wife Divorces (Photos)”

  1. 1
    admin Says:

    How did Steve Nash’s wife get so hot? Alejandra Nash is da bomb.

  2. 2
    Kyra Says:

    This article is disgustingly inaccurate and dripping with extremely biased and false statements concerning the couple’s separation and “analysis” of Steve’s and Alejandra’s characters. First of all, he is not “tragically leaving” his family (let me also point out the incorrect use of “tragic” – a tragedy is something defined by a problem caused by a person’s own faults, which you clearly state later in your article that there are no alleged affairs, so it is preposterous to accuse Steve of doing anything wrong and laying the blame of this divorce on him): you go on to have a direct quote from Steve that unmistakably clarifies his most important concern of “focusing on ensuring that our children understand how much they’re loved and adored by us as they continue to adjust to these changes.” This, without a doubt, illustrates his selfless, exemplary, nothing-but-good intentions for his children. He adds he wants “only good things” for Alejandra as well, which reveals that there is no animosity between them. The fact that they had been living separately for months only further illustrates this as a mutual agreement, and they both have their own reasons for making that decision.
    Now, as for your “reading between the lines” of his openly easy to understand commentary on the subject to the press, how dare you infer from one statement requesting privacy (which is completely justifiable simply on the grounds that all divorce matters have a right in themselves to be private matters) that the entire decision was his fault. If you know anything about Steve Nash, which I assume you don’t based off of your highly erroneous examination of his personality, you would be aware that he is one of the most humble, generous, helpful, caring, and down-to-earth athlete in the business. You quote that Alejandra is praise-worthy because she is rumored to have worked on some charities. Let me give you a little insight on Steve’s prominence in the world of charity organizations:
    These are just a few on the long, long list –
    He started the Steve Nash Foundation, which is so amazing and involved in helping so many causes, that it cannot be summarizes in a few mere sentences. Go to the website and I beseech you to try and tell me that he is something other than a compassionate, concerned, supportive, giving, unpretentious man. (it was also awarded the Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy in 2008)
    He founded the Jim Jennings Memorial Endowment Fund.
    He was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world
    He works with Arizona Educare, which focuses on improving the education of children.
    He is involved in GuluWalk, which raises awareness and funds for the war-affected children of northern Uganda.
    He teamed up with Yao Ming to do a charity basketball game in China that supported Chinese children in need.
    He also never does an endorsement ad unless they give the proceeds to charity.
    And last but not least…
    He paid to build an entire pediatric cardiology ward in a hospital located in none other than Alejandra’s own country of Paraguay.
    So to label Nash as some sort of immoral, selfish, egotistical NBA star is without a doubt exceedingly absurd and laughable.
    Now to address some other issues in your quite illogical essay:
    For someone to seems to have so much respect for Alejandra, who in their right mind would crudely refer to her as a “dutiful baby factory”? Having three kids is quite common for married couples…and I’m sure any mother would take offense to that comment. It’s not as if Steve ordered her to have children?
    “she proudly changed her name to Alejandra Nash in deference to him” – well of course she did, that’s what married people do. It is evident you are trying so hard to make it sound like she gave up so much for him when in reality, almost all wives change their names to their husbands.
    “Yes they were born out of wedlock…but what manly NBA player would have it any other way?” This remark is especially inappropriate, making Steve out to be some sort of typical arrogant jerk when in reality it works both ways: if you are so adamant to condemn Steve, couldn’t one also say that Alejandra shouldn’t have been so careless and gotten starstruck by a famous basketball player? Yes that is harsh, and I don’t believe that’s what happened, but the way you present your evidence is revoltingly partial and disgraceful considering you don’t know half of the real facts.
    “was served with divorce papers almost before she left the hospital. Well sort of.” You even hint that your statements don’t really match up with how things happened. In your focus on creating a “slamming Steve” impact, your attempts are fruitless and fall by the wayside. Oops.
    And as to referring to as a “spectacularly ugly man”…you’ve clearly got class. You reference someone calling Alejandra “hot” (as if that makes her a good person?) is a matter of opinion while you state it as fact just as you also insult Steve as if you haven’t already. I know plenty of people who find him attractive so I implore you in future writings to not try and win your audience over by using such childish methods.
    You mention she’s a personal trainer…so what?? Since when does having a fit body give excuse for being a good person? Your logic astounds me.
    Well this has gone on long enough, so I’d be happy if you would respond to this.
    Haaaaave a nice day.

  3. 3
    Phxgal Says:

    Please leave Steve Nash alone, and please don’t plague us with these gossip-laden articles. I wish Alejandra Nash the best. However, this is THEIR busines…not ours!

  4. 4
    arrow Says:

    Message to Kyra: “Label Nash as some sort of immoral, selfish, egotistical NBA star?”

    He has a non-profit to help kids grow, yet his newborn son, forever, will have to live with the public knowledge, caused by Steve’s rash decision, that his dad left them on the day of his birth, even before his mom had time to fully recover from the delivery.

    If that’s not the definition of immoral, selfish and egotistical, I do not know what is.

    Yet he tires to mainatin this image of being normal. What hypocricy.

  5. 5
    Claire Says:

    I don’t think it’s anybodys business. This is obviously a sore point for the poor guy and people should give him the privacy he deserves. Also, his looks aren’t everything, in fact, some people would find him very attractive.

  6. 6
    Sharon Says:

    It is a shame that Steve was unable to seal the divorce proceedings. I am sorry I even bothered to check out this web site with the exception of finding people who feel exactly the same way I do. Allow Steve and his wife their dignity and yes, leave Steve alone!

  7. 7
    Shelley B Says:

    Hi Everyone!, First time poster and looking forward to being a part of the discussion!