Aleksandra Ivanovskaya Is Miss Russia 2006

August 9, 2008
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Miss Russia 2006, Aleksandra Ivanovskaya is in the news again today for the sex tape and nude photos that are circling around the internet. Read more and see the photos and video in question here.

Aleksandra Ivanovskaya was crowned Miss Russia 2006 at they young age of 16. Her beauty is indisputable (Like the current Miss Russia, Tatiana Kotova as you can see from her photo above) . She has long, thick, dark hair and sparkling blue eyes. It is easy to see how she won the competition. Over the past few months, she has been involved in a sex tape scandal, in which many people have seen the photos from, but some say it is not her. After seeing some of the pictures, the resemblance is uncanny, but if the tape was made about ten years ago, as many suggest it was, then there is no way it could be her. You can check out the nude pictures and sex tape here and see for yourself.

People leaving comments on other sites suggest that there are two sex tapes in question and it is indeed Miss Russia on one of them. I don’t know, my logic is telling me that the Aleksandra Ivanovskaya sex tape never happened.

I couldn’t find the television show that aired Miss Russia, but I did find a cute VIP video which is below. You can see photos of Aleksandra Ivanovskaya here.

Miss Russia VIP Video


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