AMA’s Most Memorable Moments (Video)

November 22, 2010
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Wow! What a show! There were some really great moments at last night’s American Music Awards, and we are here to break down some of the best moments from the show. So keep on reading to relive some of the fantastic moments from the AMA’s, and to see some video of the best performances of the evening!

This was hands down one of the best shows I have seen in a while. Maybe it’s because there are so many great artists being represented this year, but the American Music Awards (AMAs) surely did not disappoint this year!

There were tons of AMA moments that has everyone chatting away today, but it was really the extraordinary performances that stuck out this year, a whopping 19 performances in all! Almost every major star this year contributed to the show, and nobody held back!

A newly pregnant Pink blew everyone away, Rhianna gave Nicki Minaj a good slap on the behind, and Christina Aguilera made us all REALLY want to go see her new movie, “Burlesque”.

One of the most emotional performances of the night came from Miley Cyrus. While there was nothing particularly spectacular about her performance in general, it was the content that really mattered.

In the wake of the announcement that her parent’s, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, are divorcing, she gave an emotional rendition of “Love and Forgiveness”, and the words really apply to her life at the moment. Especially considering that up until a few days before the show Miley was planning on performing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, a song my Bret Michael’s band Poison. It is reported that Billy Ray is leaving Miley’s mom after learning of an affair between Tish and Michaels. They deny the relationship, but it seems like the wounds are still pretty fresh for Miley, who turns 18 tomorrow. You can see video of her performance below!

However, it was the hit-or-miss performance by the boy band supergroup NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block/Backstreet Boys) that everyone was waiting for, and it certainly wasn’t a miss! The 9-man band blew everyone away, and got girls nationwide stoked for their summer tour next year. Missed it? Better believe you can watch it below!

But everyone knows the most talked about artist of the evening was Justin Bieber. Not only did the Canadian cutie sweep every category he was nominated for, including winning Artist of the Year (and being the youngest person to ever win it at that!), taking home four awards total, but he also gave a really solid performance of his new song “Pray”. Have you ever seen a happier kid in your life? If you missed Justin Bieber’s AMA performance and heart-felt acceptance speech, you can see them both below!

There were tons of other great moments at the AMAs last night, but it would take all day to sit here and cover them all! So let us know, what were your favorite AMA moments from last night? Leave us some comment love below and let the discussion begin!

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