Amber Meade is ‘Bad Girls’ Star (Video)

March 13, 2010
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Season three Bad Girls star Amber Meade is branching out on her own and she is going to be dishing out tips on how to seduce a girl just like her. Yep, she is getting her own reality TV show, but no worries she isn’t going to turn into a nice girl any time soon. I have the low down on Amber’s new show plus a video you will not want to miss.

Amber Meade 1

Along with co-star Sarah Michaels, Meade will star in Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too, which is a spin-off of the current show and will of course air on Oxygen. The show will feature Meade and Michaels giving tips on how to seduce the not so nice girls and of course they are trying to find love themselves. Sounds really stupid to me but hey that is just my opinion.

Amber is known for her more than bad behavior on the Oxygen hit TV show and she is a fan favorite. She has had her share of fights and feuds with the other cast members, especially Tiffany which continued even after the show was done.

The 27-year blond bombshell was born and raised in Montevideo, Minnesota. Although she grew up very sheltered and with not a lot of money, it wasn’t long before she learned that if given the chance she can steal the spotlight. Boy does she know how to steal the spotlight now, if you watched the show then you know what I am talking about.

Meade loves to have fun and is up for anything, especially when it comes to the men and sex. Oh and in case you hadn’t noticed from the show, she enjoys putting other women down. Sounds to me like someone has some serious self esteem issues.

Amber Meade is the star of the Bad Girls Club and now Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too. Well she certainly knows how to not be a good girl that is for sure, so these shows are perfect for her.

Enjoy the fantastic interview video with Amber below.


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