American Idol’s Angela Martin (Photos & Video)

January 18, 2008
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Meet Angela Martin, a strong beautiful young lady from Chicago who appeared on American Idol. She had the nation’s attention because of the sad condition of her little daughter Jessica. See her photos, video, biography and read more below.

Angela Martin

Angela Martin was the last to perform on the first audition show on American Idol. Her whole family was there to show support to a young lady who has so much to carry on her shoulders..

Angela Martin Biography

Angela is from Chicago, Illinois. She is a 26 year old single mom who got pregnant in her senior year. Her little daughter Jessica has some complications,
she was diagnosed with ” Rett Syndrome ” which is a childhood neurodevelopmental disorder. When she was born there were no complications, it developed when she was 2 years old, basically overnight. She already went through an operation. Angela would like to fulfill her dreams, she is on American Idol for her little daughter. She said:

” It’s not about fame for’s about getting her the best care and therapist, because doctors told me my baby is never going to walk and talk. I’m going to get that for her.”

Martin has her own band, and works full-time as a singer in her hometown Chicago. She shined with Stevie Wonder’s song “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”.

Pictures Angela Martin

Video Angela Martin

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    Suzanne Harrison Says:

    I wanted to write to you because when i saw your story on American Idol i had just seen an episode of Mystery Diagnosis on The Discovery Health Channel. They showed 2 children that showed symptoms of down syndrome but in actuality they had segawa’s dystonia. A problem with the dopamine in the brain. I thought about your child and saw the similarities of your kid’s symptoms vs the kids on this show. I just wanted to bring this to your attention because they gave these kids a medication with dopamine and the next day these kids were absolutely normal. I was wondering if you have you checked this out or heard of this disease before?