Amy Locane Bovenizer is Grant Show’s Girlfriend

June 28, 2010
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Meet Amy Locane Bovenizer, known more famously on the hit TV series Melrose Place as Jake’s (Grant Show) girlfriend. She is actress Amy Locane before her marriage made her last name far more complicated. The former cast member is in the news today for an unfortunate tragedy that will be explained below. You can take this opportunity to also see her biography and bad acting video, and of course we have pictures for you simpleton readers!

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The Melrose Place actress was reportedly arrested for a felony DUI accident that caused a fatality in New Jersey on June 27th, 2010. A woman was killed when supposedly Locane-Bovenizer’s Chevy Tahoe SUV slammed into a Mercury Milan, killing a female passenger in the other car.

As a biography, Amy Locane Bovenizer is 39 years old. She has two children by way of her marriage to Mark Bovenizer who is a simple liquor store owner. Not all former Hollywood starlets lead the glamorous life, which is probably too bad for her now. Glamor trumps screw ups, yeah. She lives a seemingly normal domestic live with her husband, kids, and family dog (a Yorkshire Terrier, cute as a button).

The actress played the character of Sandy who was Jake’s girlfriend on the show in the early years. He was played by actor Grant Show who is almost as irrelevant in human history as she. But her short acting career did not stop there. She later acted in shows called Cry-Baby and Airheads. She says that she does not keep up with any of her former costars.

In happier times, shortly after the birth of her first daughter Paige (born 2007), she gave an interview to a celebrity baby site. Amy Locane Bovenizer explains how she met husband Mark in 2006, her upcoming wedding plans, and plans for future acting roles.

About the incident, you can read much more right here. the passenger’s name in the accident is Helen Seeman. Her husband is Fred Seeman who remains in critical condition. The police have charged Amy Locane after they say she admitted to drinking some wine that night.

Reportedly she was involved in another fender bender just minutes before the fatal crash, but left the scene when the other driver went to call the police. A few mailboxes were supposedly scattered in her wake. It is hard to see the best lawyers getting out of this tangle but we’ll give her the innocent until proven guilty deference, albeit just barely.

See more Amy Locane photos below and see the video we promised earlier in which she seduces an older dude with a pipe. Seductress! That is her mugshot picture above. As for poor Helen Seeman and Fred Seeman, our hearts go out to their families.

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