Amy Winehouse Posthumous Album Underway!

July 31, 2011
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There’s no doubt that underneath it all, Amy Winehouse was an extremely gifted singer/songwriter. Luckily, we’ll all be treated to another dose of her music thanks to an album that she was working on before her untimely passing.

Amy Winehouse

The album is said to be more “biographical” than her previous material. A spokesman claims that much of the writing took place after her ex-husband Blake was finding himself in deep trouble with the law.

It’s true that most of her songs were about love, or about the human condition. The new album should be epic, and we can expect it to get tons of attention now that she is gone.

But here’s a small problem I have:

In death, she has become even more popular than she ever was. But much like Michael Jackson, even those who tormented her are suddenly acting like they care. Media outlets who splayed photos of her drooling and looking hideous while intoxicated are now running reflective biography pieces about her. It’s actually pretty nauseating.

Much the same way, people who relentlessly joked about how she was inches from death will probably download her new music and drive to work listening to it.

Could more have been done? Look, I know it’s cliché to drone on about how it’s the media’s fault when I’ve dished plenty of snarky criticism myself, but the death of Michael Jackson changed me a lot.

I grew up on MJ, and stuck by his side even when it wasn’t the popular thing to do. I watched as it became trendy to pretend to grieve over his death. Now it’s happening to Amy Winehouse.

At least do her this favor: in her memory, if you aren’t a real fan, and if you gave her the Britney Spears treatment over the years. Don’t buy the new record, it’s insulting.

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