Anne Hathaway SNL Promo Video

November 17, 2010
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Anne Hathaway will host SNL this Saturday and I have a promo video that you are going to want to see. Keep reading to find out why you are going to want to either tune in on Saturday or set your DVR. Plus there are some great pictures of Anne for you to check out too.

Anne Hathaway

This Saturday Anne Hathaway is the SNL host, which will mark the second time the Love & Other Drugs actress has hosted the coveted sketch comedy show. I have to say the promo video below will certainly get your attention. Especially the one where Anne is thankful for brains and turns into a zombie, a part she plays very well I might add. She even attempts to eat Bill Hader’s brain, it is hysterical.

Other clips include Bill, who is always on fire, talking about Thanksgiving coming up and well let’s just say he isn’t talking about the fact that the holiday is next Thursday. It is actually a little on the disgusting side which only intrigued me more.

Overall all the clips are quite funny. Bill and Anne make a great team and their charisma together is what will make me tune in on Saturday and I am not even that a big fan of Hathaway’s. I mean she is pretty, hello flawless skin and very talented but for some reason she kind of annoys me. Although I did watch her last hosting job on the show and it was pretty good.

You can see the stunning Anne Hathaway SNL promo video below and those of you looking to brighten your day this will do that for sure. Even if you aren’t looking for something to cheer you up, we can call use a good laugh and this is laugh out loud funny I think.

Don’t forget to tune in on Saturday to see how Anne does as host as well as to check out musical guest Florence + the Machine.

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Photos: M. Barraza

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