Anthony Sullivan Comments on Fellow Pitchman Billy Mays’ Death

June 28, 2009
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Anthony Sullivan is Billy Mays’ friendly rival, and fellow star of Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen. Read more about pitchman Anthony Sullivan and see photos and video here.

Anthony Sullivan

Anthony Sullivan can be seen alongside the late Billy Mays in the show Pitchmen, where the two men compete to see who will be given the gig of pitching various new products. Mays was found dead today, in a week that can only be described as profoundly tragic.

To add to the tragic nature of his death, his son used twitter to announce that his father was dead, writing “My dad didn’t wake up this morning.”

Anthony Sullivan Biography

Anthony Sullivan was born in Devon, England in 1969, but has based most of his television career as a pitchman in the United States. His biggest success is undoubtedly the Swivel Sweeper.

After working his way from the bottom up, he was eventually contacted by HSN, to work as a pitchman. The next big step was to be chosen for the Discovery show, where he can be seen alongside the late Billy Mays vying for the right to become the pitchman for different products.

See a picture and video of the two men together below.

Anthony Sullivan

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5 Responses to “Anthony Sullivan Comments on Fellow Pitchman Billy Mays’ Death”

  1. 1
    SallySweet Says:

    Have you ever even seen more than five minutes of Pitchmen? Sullivan and Mays were more like business partners, deciding which products they would pitch. Every now and then they’d compete with each other, but Sullivan produced a lot of Mays’ commercials. And you didn’t do more than attribute that Twitter post to “Billy Mays’ son” who’s name is Billy Mays III. Wow, I hope you’re not a real journalist.

  2. 2
    Fake Person Says:

    It is sad that Billy Mays died, and I can sympathize with those who knew him. I feel bad because I used to laugh at his camera presence on the commercials he pitched for cleaning products–he seemed loud and overpassionate–but I could tell that he loved what he did.

  3. 3
    balls Says:

    how do i tell if i have a STD?

  4. 4
    hates idiots Says:

    Very sad about the Death Of Billy Mays.

    Balls: ask your mom about the STD. If she has one then you do too, Idiot!

  5. 5
    Penis Says:

    I am a penis that has just become self-aware.What should I do with my time and new found sentience?