Antonia Kidman is Nicole Kidman Sister

April 21, 2009
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Meet Antonia Kidman, TV presenter and the younger sister of actress Nicole Kidman. See pictures, and video, while reading an Antonia Kidman Biography here.

Antonia Kidman

Antonia Kidman

Antonia Kidman is the younger sister of Nicole Kidman, and according to Nicole also her best friend. Antonia isn’t quite as famous as her older sis, but says that she has made peace with critics who claim that she uses Nicole’s fame to advance her own career. Back in 2002 she stated:

“While there are some parts of having Nic as a sister that have a downside – like people criticising me – there’s so much upside that you just have to accept it.”

When asked about her younger sister, Nicole said:

“She’s my best friend. I always say to her that I’m always there for her. We’ve been through a lot together, she and I. For a long time, we were each other’s sole source of comfort.”

Antonia Kidman Biography

Antonia Kidman was born July 14, 1970, in Melbourne, Australia. She is the offspring of Dr. Antony David Kidman, and nursing educator Janelle Ann. Antonia’s family moved to Sydney when she was two years-of-age.

For her college years she attended Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, which is located in North Sydney. She started her journalism career doing research for the Nine Networks “Today” show, and then went on to work as a reporter for NBN Television, based in Newcastle.

Antonia received the Favorite Female Personality award at the ASTRA Awards for her second time in 2008. Acting as the ANZ Ambassador she also writes a blog titled “The Journey That Matters” for the website

Antonia was married to Angus Hawley for 11 years. She had two sons and two daughters with Hawley named Lucia, Sybella, Hamish, and James.

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