Azlynn Berry Is Adnan Ghalib’s Wife

September 30, 2008
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Azlynn Berry is Adnan Ghalib’s wife. Adnan, who is rumored to be shopping a Britney Spears sex tape, has just filed for divorce. See her biography, photos, and video here.

Azlynn Berry is Adnan Ghalib’s’s wife. Adnan Ghalib’s is known as one of the sleaziest paparazzi in Hollywood, and we are about to see how far he will go to keep his name in the tabloids. According to reports, he is shopping a Britney Spears sex tape. Now, TMZ reports that Adnan has filed a joint petition for a divorce. Not to worry, I think Britney is thinking clearly again, and will be keeping her distance.

Azlynn Berry Biography

We don’t know much about Azlynn Berry, so please do help us in the comments section if you can help. She is a gorgeous woman who had the misfortune of being married to Adnan Ghalib. Surely she can do better, with her honey blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She too came under the pubic eye, when Adnan had his brief affair with Britney Spears, while still being married.

Now sources report that within the past 10 days, Azlynn has filed for divorce. She is hiding out so her photo cannot be taken and she will not be hounded by the paparazzi.

Check out more photos and video below.

Adnan Ghalib Sex Tape? Video


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