Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery

April 14, 2011
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Bad plastic surgery has claimed many celebrities victims. Sometimes we see their bad plastic surgery and we end up changing our minds about surgically changing our bodies. No matter how much money they have bad plastic surgery does not discriminate. To make it even worse — most of the time there was nothing wrong with the celebrity to begin with. One thing is for sure: just because you spent a lot of money on it, that doesn’t mean it’s going to come out right.

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Look at poor Tara Reid. She was in denial about it, but it was all over the tabloids. Pictures of her misshapen stomach and bad breast job were everywhere and then she finally came out and told us her surgery was botched… uhh… duh. There was nothing wrong with this beautiful girl. Let’s not forget poor Bruce Jenner. You know, the gold winning athlete that is married to Kris Jenner (Kim Kardashian’s mom). He had surgery in the early 1980’s and it ended so badly that he was reluctant to go under the knife again fix it. Recently he decided to take the plunge and he looks great! I can’t blame him or anyone else that has had a tragic surgery like his for being unwilling to go under the knife — AGAIN — to fix it.

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Joan Rivers has had multiple surgeries over the last 20 years or so. Yes she can’t move her face, and she looks sorta fake. Some people would consider that bad plastic surgery, but I think she looks great for a 77 year old not saying it was good but she just looks good for her age. Plus, she makes fun of herself about it. She takes it all in stride and I think that is part of her ammo as well. Another thing that really looks bad is big breasts on a small frame and I’m talking like 100lbs wet sorta frame. We have all seen those celebs like Tori Spelling and Shauna Sand ( OMG ) whose breasts are way too big for their bodies. Are they victims of bad plastic surgery? Or did they just want them that way? My point is this: If any of us “regular” people out there are looking into some sort of body modification please do your best to look into your surgeon and his/her background. I mean sometimes you can’t avoid it, but at least you know you put in the effort of trying to make a well-reasoned decision before it happens.

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