Bad Girls We Love to Watch

April 8, 2011
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We have been fascinated over the years with the bad girls of Hollywood. Even more nowadays with there being so many great bad girl moments popping up in the news and media. There’s just something about them that intrigues us. Something that makes us want to learn more about these fascinating women. Whether you love them or just can’t stand them — I think the Hollywood bad girl is here to stay. Here are a few of my favorite bad girls in the industry.

Lindsay Lohan
Now, say what you will about this young lady, but I think we will be seeing a lot more of her still. She started off so innocently and it seemed that her career could go nowhere but up, however she has hit a few bumps and road. Bumps that have lead her career and life at such a young age into high-risk situations: first it was the DUI in 2007, and then it was the numerous rehabs and dwindling job prospects, now it has been violation of probation and alleged theft. We really can’t avoid her nowadays because she is always on TV, and the media and the public find her fascinating or are morbidly curious. Certainly one bad girl that we just can’t get away from.

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Paris Hilton
Paris really started this whole socialite thing. I mean she is famous for doing….nothing. Yes, her family is the same family that owns the Hilton hotels, but other than that she is just eye candy. We want to know what she is wearing, what car she is driving, who she is dating, and what trouble she is getting into. Well, Paris over the years has been in and out of trouble. Starting with a DUI in 2006 to which she pleaded no contest to. She was then caught driving on a suspended license for which she then served 45 days in jail. Most recently, she has been charged with possession of cocaine in 2010. When all this was happening my eyes were glued to TV set.

Paris Hilton1

Amy Winehouse
We love this young lady. Mostly because of her sultry voice, but over the last couple of years we have seen a pretty rough side of Amy. She had an already a bad rep in the UK for being a party animal, but when she got to the states her hit album was taking us by storm. Amy has battled substance abuse issues and mental illness a lot and many of her antics were caught on camera. A lot of us had never really seen a star go through a mental breakdown right in front of our own eyes. It seems that Amy is doing a lot better and I’ve heard she is working on a new album and I can’t wait.

Amy Winehouse1

Courtney Love
Courtney blew our minds in the mid 90’s with her band Hole and famous husband, but she has always been a hot mess. She has never been in trouble with the law really, but she is just a brazen female without a care in the world. Her concert behavior is notorious and unforgettable and she speaks her mind when and where she pleases. Let’s not forget her fashion sense. It’s horribly great and I think that’s one of the things we like to pay attention to her for.

Courtney Love1

Anna Nicole Smith
Anna may be gone but she is not forgotten. Her crazy antics still have us talking. The plus size playmate showed another side to herself on every show. Even her death was bit of a spectacle. She always seemed to be bigger than life itself and we loved every minute of it. She captivated us with her marriage to a 90 year old oil tycoon. Especially the battle over his money afterward. That was just a circus. Anna will not be forgotten.

AnnaNicole Smith1

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