Bar Refaeli’s Arm Is Broken Along With Her Heart

June 17, 2011
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Bar Refaeli’s arm is big in celebrity news this weekend after the model notified her followers via Twitter of the mishap.

Bar Refaeli

Now that she doesn’t have Leonardo DiCaprio around to hold her hand she is apparently becoming accident-prone. Though it’s unclear exactly how she landed in a cast, she sent out the following boo-hoo of a tweet:

“I broke my arm. And I’m annoyed! Booooooo.”

So along with having a recently broken heart, she will now spend the next several weeks learning to do things with one hand. What a pity.

Did she do it slugging the TV after Leo’s new gal popped up on the screen? So far it’s unknown.

We’ll let you know if we dig up the full story behind Bar Refaeli’s arm as soon as possible… I’m sure you’ll wait with baited breath.


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