Betty White, Abe Vigoda Snickers Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

February 7, 2010
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If you are watching the Super Bowl then you have already seen the Betty White and Abe Vigoda Snickers commercial and can back me up when I say the Betty White and Abe Vigoda Super Bowl commercial is freaking awesome. I think it is the best one so far. If you weren’t paying attention or for some insane reason are not watching the game, don’t worry I have a video of the commercial below, you have to watch it.

Betty White 1 1 2Abe Vigoda 1 1 2

The Super Bowl commercials are just as much a staple as the actual game itself. People tune in to watch the commercials as much as they do the game, and so far this years commercials have been decent. That is except for the Snickers commercial, it was outstanding. Now I could give you a break down of the commercial, but I so would not do it justice so you’ll just have to watch it.

Although I am not going to give you the details of the commercial I will say this, Betty White playing football, hysterical and awesome all at once. I for one was glad to see that Abe Vigoda was still alive, because quite honestly I wasn’t sure.

In case you are clueless White is best known for her role as Rose Nylund on the sitcom the Golden Girls. She was most recently seen on the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful. Vigoda is best known for his role as Detective Sargant Phil Fish on the 1970’s sitcom Barney Miller and his portrayal of Sal Tessio in the movie The Godfather.

Well it sure was good to see both Betty and Abe back on the television screen and in a commercial that didn’t suck. Hats off to both Betty White and Abe Vigoda for a fantastic commercial, you two rock. As I said above if you missed the Betty White and Abe Vigoda Snickers Super Bowl commercial, no worries I have the video for you below.

Betty White 2Abe Vigoda 2Betty White 3Abe Vigoda 3Betty White 4Abe Vigoda 4

Photos: Nelson/Doug Meszler/PNP

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