Big Brother 9 Sex Videos

February 15, 2008
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The new season of Big Brother is proving to be a spicier reality show than we knew. Season 9 has just started and things are wild already. This season features people paired with their perfect matches based on compatibility tests. Also, a few of the couples already know eachother. Maybe that is what made them comfortable enough to have sex on the first fewshow! That is a reality TV no, no–unless you want to be dubbed a reality repeat offender.

Wednesday night Jen and Ryan hooked up. Then, last night Mat & Nat did too! Looks like a horny bunch! If you missed it, you can see the videos below.

This is the first season Big Brother that has not been run as a summer TV show. Maybe they found their lucky time-slot. Check out photos and watch the videos of the horny Big Brother Season 9 cast.

Big Brother 9 Sex Video
Big Brother 9 Sex Video

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