Billy Ray Cyrus Talks Hannah Montana’s Destructive Power in GQ

February 15, 2011
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Billy Ray Cyrus’ recent comments about his daughter’s breakout role on Hannah Montana are making their rounds in the celeb news cycle this week. Many are left wondering; can he be serious?

Billy Ray Cyrus

It’s so cliché that it’s rather annoying: a breakout child star makes the successful transition from the squeaky clean Disney factory to the mainstream pop world. A few years go by (and few clothes come off), then suddenly were talking drugs.

Now that the smoke is beginning to clear from the Salvia scandal, her father is stepping out to try to stay relevan voice his concern. The once uber famous country star had this to say about his daughter’s former show:

“(The show) destroyed my family…I’d take it back in a second. For my family to be here and just be everybody okay, safe and sound and happy and normal.”

Granted the poor guy lost his wife, and his crown jewel of a daughter was recently caught on video choking down bong rip—but is the show really to blame?

I mean, isn’t Disney also to blame for Justin Timberlake’s career? Maybe it’s time ‘ole Billy re-evaluate his logic.

Still, father Cyrus (who co-starred on Hannah Montana), says he is deeply concerned about his daughter’s well being. He cites the people around her, and claims that they are putting her in dangerous situations.

All of that aside, he also insists that he never profited off of his daughter. Sure, he may never have earned a percentage of her income, but would the show have been what is was without her? I just can’t picture him playing the father on a random Disney show without Miley.

C’mon Billy have a little fun. Maybe you should drive over to your local bodega and pick up some Salvia. It may help you relate to your daughter a bit.

For more on Billy Ray Cyrus’ comments about Hannah Montana, visit THR.

Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray CyrusBilly Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus


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