‘Boobs Outcha Blouse’ – Wanda Sykes Spoofs Larry Platt (Video)

February 6, 2010
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General Larry Platt’s American Idol song Pants on the Ground became an instant hit causing many spoofs and parodies but none like the recent Boobs Outcha Blouse Wanda Sykes spoof. Oh yes it is the female version of Pants on the Ground and it is hysterical. I have the video for this great spoof below along with more information on Wanda Sykes Boobs Outcha Blouse, trust me this is some good stuff so you are going to want to keep reading.

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On her late night talk show, The Wanda Sykes Show, the comedian staged her own American Idol auditions, so to speak, where she offered her own rendition of the now mega hit song Pants on the Ground, titled Boobs Outcha Blouse. Calling herself General Maama Gram, which is beyond perfect, Skyes splices her ‘BOB’ in with the actual American Idol audition footage from General Larry Platt’s Pants on the Ground. The whole thing is awesome.

I have to admit I am not even a huge fan of Skyes but her Larry Platt spoof is outstanding, I am talking laugh out loud funny. I have the video below so I highly recommend you watch it, I promise it will make your day. I call this the female version of Pants on the Ground and again kind of fitting because we all know there are women out there who let their girls hang all out. So although her version is a clear spoof on General Larry Platt’s Pants on the Ground, it kind of has a message to women too. What is that message, well keep those girls in place.

Like I said I am not necessarily a huge Wanda Sykes fan, especially of her talk show, but I give credit where credit is due and Wanda hit it out of the park with Boobs Outcha Blouse. It might actually be my favorite parody of Pants on the Ground to date. Nice job Wanda, nice job!

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