Brangelina Villa: $40 Million Home in Italy

July 28, 2010
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Hollywood’s best looking couple just made a $40 Million statement about their rock-solid marriage. Buying what’s sure to be known as the Brangelina Villa, the couple has now made it abundantly clear that the rumors about their impending split are totally baseless. Check out the full story, with photos and video below!

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The couple has spent the last few months with their six children in Italy, shopping around for their new home. Originally looking at a few $10 Million homes, they eventually fell in love with the $40 Million digs nestled in the hills of Valpolicella. No word if it was the 15 bedrooms, home cinema, swimming pools, gym, or the several Jacuzzis that tipped the balance for them.

“They wanted something more exclusive and in record time to spend the summer vacation in Italy,” said Property Consultant Alexander Proto of the Brangelina Villa.

After winning a suit against the press for spreading rumors, Brad recently spread word through his friends that the rumors about their marriage troubles are a complete fabrication.

“I love Angie and we were never going to split up.” Brad told a close friend. “That is why I had to do something about all the untrue rumours flying around about us and protect my family. The truth is that we are in love, we have six kids together and she’s the mother to my children and a delightful person. She is a wonderful mother. Angie just loves babies – and she wants another.”

You can’t get much clearer than that! As far as Angie goes, it seems she’s smitten as well.

“I think you feel sexy if you live a very bold and honest life, and I’ve always been who I am, and that comes across as sexy. And I’m a little aggressive. Brad makes me feel sexy, and I feel sexy when I’m desired.”

If the words don’t do it, nothing says “I love you” better than buying a $40 Million dollar Italian home together! What do you think of the latest purchase by Brangelina? Villas in Italy seem to have become trendy after Brad’s buddy George Cloony bought his own. Who else will we see splurge on some Italian real estate? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section! Also, check out the photos and a video of Angie’s latest movie below!

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Photos:, Apega, Starbux

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2 Responses to “Brangelina Villa: $40 Million Home in Italy”

  1. 1
    Phyllis Says:

    Why does the media keep saying Brad and Angelina are married? They are not even married by common law standards. You have to be together for 7 years.

  2. 2
    Art Says:

    Actually, in most US states it is not the length of time you have been married, it is how you present yourself to the public, such as; joint checking, joint property ownership, do you refer to the other as “my husband” or “wife”, introduce to your mate to others using those terms, and other evidence that you both consider yourselves married. Maybe in your state there is some number of years requirement, not in most.