Bristol Palin Confirms Face Surgery Rumors!

May 11, 2011
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For a few days now people have been speculating about Bristol Palin’s new face. The formerly round-faced daughter of Sarah Palin showed off a much slimmer and chiseled face at The White House Correspondent’s Dinner the other week, and since then rumors have been flying over whether or not Bristol Palin got plastic surgery. Well, now the cat is out of the bag and Bristol is coming clean. She did, in fact, have facial surgery, but according to her it’s not what we all think it is!

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After holding her tongue and letting the rumors fly for the last week or so, Bristol Palin is finally commenting on her noticeably different face. Did she get plastic surgery? Lose a bunch of weight? Well, according to Bristol, it’s all of that.

She recently opened up to Us Weekly, confirming that she did have face surgery, but not for vanity. According to Bristol, she underwent reconstructive jaw surgery in December after she was finished with “Dancing With The Stars” to correct a “medical condition” and help her teeth line up more correctly. As a result, she has more prominent cheekbones and a skinnier, more defined jaw line. She also lost a few pounds.

It may very well be the case that she needed the surgery for medical reasons. Many people get surgery to correct deformities and to correct problems like a deviated nose septum that often leave them looking very different. But it is Bristol’s attitude towards her new look that is kind of startling!

“Yes, it improved the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical reasons… so my jaw and teeth could properly realign. … I don’t obsess over my face,” Palin said. But, she goes on to add, “I am absolutely thrilled with the results!”

The results of the way her jaw lines up with her teeth, or the new way she looks? I personally think she looked better before, but whatever floats your boat, Bristol!

What do you guys think of Bristol Palin’s face surgery? Let us know by leaving us some comments below!

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