Britney Spears SNL

October 29, 2008
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Britney Spears SNL is definitely going to happen. The recovering pop star will host Saturday night Live on November 22 for the third time in her career. Watch video and read more here.

Britney Spears SNL hosting rumors have been flying around for quite some time, but it seems as though they just couldn’t confirm. Well, now it is official. Britney Spears will host SNL on November 22. This will be the third time hosting SNL, and Britney holds the record for being the youngest person to host and perform on Saturday Night Live.

Britney will also be on Good Morning America on December 2 to promote her new album. Seems like she is really doing well, I am so happy for her. I can’t wait to see her on SNL!

Below are some videos of Britney on SLN where she and Halle Berry kiss, Amy Poehler playing Britney – which is hilarious BTW, and worth the two minutes of your time.

Britney Spears SNL Video

Amy Poehler Britney Spears SNL

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