Britney Spears Tour May Lose Enrique Iglesias Over ‘Perception’

March 30, 2011
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Just as the fervor over the second coming of Britney Spears reached its peak this week, she may have hit her first speed bump—it seems Enrique Iglesias is not too thrilled about possibly being perceived as an opening act.

Britney Spears

Starting last Friday night, drooling fans of the once fallen star got to see her back in action. First at a special show in Vegas, then on stage in San Francisco for the taping of a Good Morning America performance. Her single is getting decent radio play, and photos of her prancing around in skimpy leather are zipping around the web. By all means, Britney is back.

So what usually comes with the release of a new record? Well, an epic tour of course.

Following her wildly successful ‘Circus’ tour of 2009, fans were eager to learn of what she had planned after ‘Femme Fatale’ hit. This week, a presser began to circulate announcing that she would be hitting the road with Enrique Iglesias.

The combo seemed like a good fit; Iglesias has had relative success with a few of his singles lately, and has a very loyal fan base. All is good, right?

Then came the sometimes ugly side of the music biz—today we have learned of a minor hiccup. In a story published yesterday, Billboard Magazine cited a source that said that the issue has a lot to do with ‘perception,’ and a little to do with money.

The same source stated that Spears was set to make a lot more per show than Enrique. But more importantly, that the press release announcing the tour didn’t make it clear whether or not he would open the show, or co-headline. Negotiations are apparently still taking place.

My take on it: It seems Iglesias isn’t too keen on being Britney Spears’ monkey boy for the summer. But what bothers me is that, sure he has had a more consistent career than she has, but I’ve never felt that he was as big a star. I’m sure he has a huge following in the Latin world as well, but in my eyes he should be perfectly happy even if he were just an opening act. After all, it’s Britney bi***!

We’ll just have to wait and see if they can work it out, or if the Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias tour turns out to be nothing more than a tease.

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2 Responses to “Britney Spears Tour May Lose Enrique Iglesias Over ‘Perception’”

  1. 1
    Stacy Says:

    I feel like he has always been opening act material… never really made it huge, did he?

  2. 2
    Mary Says:

    Enrique IS huge all over the world. His concerts always sell out. He’s has been very consistant through out his career. I wouldn’t open for a pop tart that now just likes to throw her hands around and lip synch. No thanks.