Brooke Mueller Crack Pipe PHOTOS: Real Or Faked?

July 13, 2011
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Brooke Mueller’s crack problem is supposedly behind her after a stint in rehab, but some new photos appear to show her gripping a pipe. Is she back to her old ways again?

Brooke Mueller

One thing’s for sure; Charlie Sheen wasn’t the only one in the relationship with issues. Mueller’s problems with substance abuse are well documented, as are Charlie’s, and with a nasty custody battle underway, the last thing Brooke needs is a scandal like this.

It all began earlier this week when TMZ posted some not-so-flattering pics of the mother of twins. They appear to show her wearing a raggedy t-shirt, a pair of sweats, and high heels. With a befuddled look on her face, she seems to be holding a Gatorade bottle, a tinfoil pipe, a lighter, and an iPhone. Hardly the combination of items a mother should be prancing around with.

The first photo allegedly shows her holding the goods, but the rest of them seem to be of her fleeing the scene.

Was she caught red-handed?

Other than the photos, there is no hard evidence that she is using again. Hey, maybe she was just holding the pipe for someone else while they went to the bathroom.

Either way, I guess it wouldn’t be too surprising for her. After all, she has been in one form of rehab or another over 15 times. Her most recent trip to rehab lasted on 45 days and ended at the beginning of the month.

If she is using again, she only lasted about a week and half.

In fairness, she has been known to smoke pot as well. It isn’t completely unheard of for people to use foil pipes for marijuana also. Maybe people are taking it too far to assume it is crack.

Either way, a pipe is a pipe—if that is what she has in her hand. What do you think of the alleged Brooke Mueller crack pipe scandal?

Photos: M. Barraza

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