Bruno Mars SNL Performance Video

October 10, 2010
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Bruno Mars’ ‘SNL’ performance video has set the web abuzz. Get the scoop and watch the ‘Saturday Night Live’ vid below.

Bruno Mars 3

Bruno Mars is one of the most talented singers to arrive on the music scene in a longtime, and if there were any doubts about it before, surely, his ‘SNL’ performance has sealed the deal.

I stopped watching ‘Saturday Night Live’ when it stopped being funny in the early 90’s, consequently, I was forced to watch Mars’ performance via YouTube, which gave me time to read over all of the comments. Everybody, and I mean everybody, and their mothers, loves the Hawaiian singer. I made it my mission to find one negative comment out of thousands about Mars’ performance, yet, still couldn’t. It looks like he has finally risen to the heights of a full-fledged rock star.

If you haven’t bought (or illegally downloaded) your copy of Mars’ debut album “Doo-Wops & Hooligans” I advise you to, quickly. It’s an incredible album that will have you hitting repeat repeatedly.

In other news – as you probably are already well aware, Mars is facing drug charges stemming from a wild night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas not too long ago, where he was caught with almost 3 grams of cocaine. If convicted, he is facing up to 4-years in jail, however, TMZ reports that due to his clean record, it is likely that he will just get a slap on the wrist… Let this be a lesson to all of you aspiring singers out there – if you want to be able to hit those really high notes, bugger sugar is the key. But, be warned, you might be singing those high notes while locked in a jail cell.

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Check out pictures (click on pics to enlarge) and the Bruno Mars ‘SNL’ videos below.

Bruno Mars 1Bruno Mars 2Bruno Mars 3Bruno Mars

Photos: True/Owen Beiny/Jody Cortes/The Media Circuit

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