Bryan Masche: Raising Sextuplets Star

December 2, 2010
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For those of you who don’t know this daddy, it’s Bryan Masche, Raising Sextuplets star. Apparently he was reportedly arrested for domestic violence and resisting arrest. Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video right here!

Bryan Masche

UPDATE***Talk about complicated! It seems as if this couple has been through a lot this year. But that’s not all. Rumor has it that Bryan Masche’s wife, Jennifer, may have ignited an old flame. Does this mean trouble for their marriage? Find out more on who this mystery “married” man is and more details below.

The father of WE’s tv hit show Raising Sextuplets is now raising the bar…from behind! Be sure to check out pictures and videos below.

As a biography, Bryan Masche is most-known as Raising Sextuplets star. He is married to his wife, Jenny and is a father to sextuplets born on June 11, 2007. Bryan was a member of the United States Air Force Security Forces for eight years, living in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Tokyo. Following his military life, he has worked in pharmaceutical sales. He has a MBA at the University of Phoenix and may pursue a doctorate degree. His hobbies include: his children, expanding his pharmaceutical business, operating a real-estate company alongside his wife, maintaining numerous properties for renters, and has a big interest in politics. Currently, the family live in Destin, Florida where Masche works as a financial consultant.

Reports say that the Raising Sextuplets star has been “charged with two counts Disorderly Conduct for Domestic Violence, one count Resisting Arrest, and one count Threatening Domestic Violence” following an altercation while visiting relatives in Arizona. It is said that Bryan used profanity while yelling at a family member. This is when someone in the family called for assistance.

Law enforcement who responded to the 911 call says that they “assisted the female victim” and notes:

“The children were not at the house at the time.”

According to RadarOnline, Masche allegedly “refused to comply” with police orders so he was taken into custody. Reportedly, he was booked at the Yavapai county Detention Center in Arizona and later released on $3,500 bond.

WE tv network does note via their website that the couple do seek counseling for their relationship on a regular basis.

So an old flame? It seems as if it was just a matter of time. Who is this mystery man? He goes by the name of Levi McClendon, a former boyfriend of Jennifer’s for 15 years! I guess the two have allegedly rekindled a dated love affair and not everyone was invited! Especially, Levi’s wife, Ashley McClendon who has reportedly filed for divorce at Maricopa County Court Arizona on October 4, 2010. It was Bryan who contacted Ashley about this sneak-apade and it sounds as if she hit the brakes! So what does this mean for the Masche’s?

Well, I certainly hope this is not a deal-breaker for their marriage. You may leave us your thoughts in the comment box and see photos and a video below

Bryan Masche Photo 1Bryan Masche Picture 2Bryan Masche Photo 3
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11 Responses to “Bryan Masche: Raising Sextuplets Star”

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  1. 1
    Kari Hope Says:

    The Masche’s are well known in this city. I doubt there’s anything to this story. I know the family and this is muchado about nothing. Move along….nothing to see here.

  2. 2
    I knew it Says:

    I knew it was just a matter of time, after seeing the way he talks to his wife, her family and moving her away from her support system so he can abuse in private. Please don’t say there is nothing to see here. People don’t get arrested for doing nothing, especially just for “verbally” abusing somebody. I think there is more to this story. Kari is probably just Bryan posting to try and divert his aggressive, abusive, violent behavior. Get those kids away from him, before they grow up to abuse their families too.

  3. 3
    Holly Says:

    Bryan needs to come out of the closet; it’s so obvious that is the source of his rage.

  4. 4
    Renee Says:

    I will pray for this family. No family is perfect. We all have things to work on. They do go to counseling, that is a step in the right direction. This is an unfortunate event, hopefully some lessons are learned here and they can grow stronger as a family.

  5. 5
    Melody Says:

    I hope they can work things out. His Dad didn’t have much confidence in him and sometimes she belittled him by saying he couldn’t do anything. Surprise-he could. That builds up and unfortunately, sometimes erupts.

  6. 6
    Louis Cipher Says:

    Listen to the 911 tape, you can hear one of the children crying as Bryan and Jennie’s father are engaged in a heated argument. At one point Bryan says to the father-in-law, “you want a piece of me ….. (profanity). I have watched the show with my wife and I noticed from day one, Byran’s anger issues and the way he treats other people. He acted immature and refused to listen to what the other party was saying. I am not saying his wife is perfect either, but unless they get some serious help then this could have a tragic ending. He claims he was in the Air Force Security Forces, but he tells his father-in-law that he was a police officer. (I assume that was his role in the military). Any time you mix crazy with guns, it does not always bode well. WE needs to cancel the series and allow these people to get the serious help that they need and if not for any other reason do it for the children, they are the victims here. They didn’t ask to placed in this situation, so Bryan and Jenny need to put aside the selfish acts and do what’s right for their children before the cycle repeats itself. Good luck!

  7. 7
    Lyla Says:

    this is what ptsd and lack of military help does to our vets!

  8. 8
    Kris Says:

    I can’t believe that Jenny has stuck it out with Bryan this long. Bryan is abusive, immature, lazy, etc. He states from time to time “I don’t want to take care of my kids all day long”. He doesn’t deserve his kids! The encounters with Bryan’s dad are horrible. He is abusive too. I have never heard his father say anything nice or complementary about him. I can’t believe the WE channel has allowed the program go on for as long as it has. Jenny, take the kids and get out ASAP.

  9. 9
    Susu Says:

    Bryan’s rage, often just below the surface, is now more obvious. He is a scary guy. Potentially dangerous. Jenny needs to leave him and go back home, back to her good job and support system. Good luck.

  10. 10
    Deb Well Says:

    Bryan has serious behavioral anger issues. Even with counseling and he was provided tools to curtail his anger, he did nothing to further help himself.

    I watched the show and he was apparently frustrated that his job position did not pan out and that he had to stay home all day with the children and he clearly stated that this was not his desire.

    He continually reminded Jenny that he was the man in the family, the one who made the decisions.

    Bryan, I just want for you to know that a relationship is give and take, not all the time 50/50 but it is equal. Your abusive behavior toward your wife and family members clearly states the lack of self control and lack of self esteem you have within you.

    Jenny just filed for legal separation and may you take heed, that your actions speak loud and clear and Jenny’s recent filing for Legal Separation speaks LOUD AND CLEAR.

    I urge you to seek counseling and work the program.

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