Carin Kingsland: Mark McGrath’s Girlfriend (Photos)

April 6, 2010
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Carin Kingsland, Mark McGrath’s girlfriend is now expecting twins! Oh, and did I mention they actually got engaged this past New Year’s eve!

Carin Kingsland

Well, somebody is good at keeping things ‘hush hush.’ Normally, celeb couples are outed immediately after even the slightest baby bump appears. But for these two, they made it into the third trimester before coming forward on their own.

Before you start with the whole “well, he isn’t that big of a star” thing, consider that the song “Fly” is still in rotation at many top 40 stations around the country. I think I just heard it at the dentist office last week. Let’s not forget that he successfully made the cross-over into television with his hosting gig on E!. Now he will up the ante with a new spot on the upcoming FOX show ‘Don’t Forget The Lyrics.’

An A-lister he is not, but the man is no bottom feeder.

So it was announced this week that Mark McGrath’s girlfriend (now fiancé) Carin Kingsland is pregnant with twins! They got the best of both worlds; a girl, and a boy. The babies are due to make their debut on planet Earth this coming May.

They are the singer’s first children, and he seems happy, but understandably nervous. He told People:

“My DNA paranoia is kicking in: I’ve got to feed these children. We’ve got to get the nursery together. And what do you do when you bring the kids home?”

Mark and Carin have been longtime lovers. They first got together nearly 16 years ago after meeting at the Viper Room nightclub in LA. In a romantic move, he brought her back to the very spot they met on the night he proposed. Soon they will be a family of four. Congrats to the happy couple!

Below you’ll find some photos and video of Carin Kingsland, Mark McGrath’s girlfriend below.

Carin KingslandCarin KingslandCarin KingslandCarin Kingsland



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