Carmen Electra Lesbian Sex Tape Video Leaked!

November 19, 2009
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It’s all over the Internet. Blogs everywhere have posted a “leaked” Carmen Electra “sex” tape. I have to admit, I watched it and it’s rather tame. Not the racy type stuff from other celebrities we’ve all watched before. And you know you’ve watched.

carmen electra

Considering the lifestyle Carmen Electra seems to lead this sex tape is kind of surprising. Of course there is a quite a bit of lesbian action and even Carmen unzipping a pair of pants on a guy, you don’t get to see much more than Carmen at the very end. If you like action though, you’ll love this video. It’s been pulled from most sites for now but I am sure it will pop up again. Want to know what I saw?

Carmen guzzles from a bottle of Champagne then sprays the room all the while sporting a sexy red bra and black panties. She then pulls a very drunk (seeming) girl into bed and they make out. Carmen gives the guy holding the camera a dance then unzips his fly. Call me jaded but it’s nothing too exciting and it even seems like Carmen is uncomfortable at times.

Carmen looks into the camera a lot and it kind of makes you wonder if this was taped and then “leaked” to gain a little fame. We haven’t heard much from Carmen Electra in a while. Hey, maybe she got a little bored since divorcing Dave Navarro and decided to get her name out there again.

Carmen started out a MTV dating show and then later posed for Playboy Magazine numerous times. She has appeared fully nude for numerous periodicals as well as in films, so we all know that she isn’t shy about revealing everything.

Well, in the “leaked” video almost everything.

Here are some more photos of the sexy Carmen Electra.

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