Caroline Flack is Prince Harry’s Girlfriend

June 13, 2009
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Television presenter Caroline Flack and Prince Harry are reportedly dating after being first introduced back in April. Read more about the story, plus check out pictures, video, and a Caroline Flack biography here.

Caroline Flack

Has the prince found his princess?

It all started at a poker tournament that took place in April in London. Caroline Flack was introduced to Harry by mutual friends, and they immediately took a liking to one another. Over the next few days sparks flew, roses blossomed, and the flames of a new romance were kindled, with each party reciprocating one flirty text with another. According to one source, the couple is a match made in heaven because of their connections.

‘They have a lot of mutual friends, including Natalie Pinkham, and are out and about on the same social circuit when Harry is in London.”

Readers, do you think that the prince and his newly found love interest are a good match for each other? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to check out pics and a video after the jump.

Caroline Flack Biography

She is an English native who works as a TV host. In 2005, she earned her own spot on “When Games Attack,” which was a video game show.

Then, 2006 she was fortunate enough to be picked up by the BBC for two additional shows. From there her TV career continued to grow, until she managed to be considered one of the best in the field.

Rob Leigh, a journalist for the Daily Mirror, said that when Caroline Flack hosted the show “Big Brother’s Big Mouth” for week 5 of the series, that “her sharp delivery makes her the best presenter they’ve had on this series.”

Caroline FlackCaroline Flack Caroline Flack Caroline Flack Caroline Flack Caroline Flack



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    sid Says:

    Good job Harry. Pound away my friend … pound away. Really … a tasty little piece of ass for the Prince.