Carrie Prejean, Larry King Interview (Video)

November 12, 2009
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Former Miss California Carrie Prejean is making the rounds these days talking about whatever she chooses. Or not. Larry King is one tough cookie and he tried to nail her down and get her to answer a question about why she suddenly settled a religious discrimination lawsuit with pageant organizers. See the Carrie Prejean, Larry King Live video below.

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It seems Carrie had more than just Larry King buzzing in her ear. At one point during the interview, fiddling with her ear piece, she turned her head to the side and asked “I’m leaving?” Maybe she should have taken the same type of exit before filming some sexy video for a former boyfriend.

Carrie Prejean did confirm that she made a sexy video for her boyfriend at the time but she refused to discuss the religious discrimination mediation, saying it was “completely confidential.”

During the interview, once Larry King decided to take caller questions it was all over. I was seriously bummed because the first caller was a gay man asking her what type of “advice” she would give her gay friends if they decided to marry. At this point Carrie was pulling on her ear piece and ready to bolt.

As everyone knows, Carrie was taken to task for honestly answering the question posed to her by Perez Hilton about gay marriage. And even more honestly? This has made her famous. No one would be interviewing her or even taking notice if it were not for that answer. Of course she feels that her answer lost her the pageant and we’ll never know for sure but a pageant winner is a just a pageant winner. Carrie Prejean will go down in history for that answer and she should be happy that anyone wants to interview her. Does she seriously believe that people are not going to ask those tough questions? What else are they going to discuss? Carrie, you need to step up and stand up and not walk out.

Check out the Carrie Prejean, Larry King Live video below along with some additional photos.


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