Celebrities’ Hidden Talents

April 28, 2011
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There is more than meets the eye to your average celebrity. While some may appear to be plain Janes, they can do more than just act, play sports and create music. Once upon a time, they were just like you and me, exploring their hidden talents and finding new hobbies. You’d be surprised by who the painters, writers and musicians are. It makes me wonder why these these celebrities want to keep such talents a secret. Most of us are curious about our favorite celebrities.

Geena Davis1

Viggo Mortensen1

Did you know that Kristen Stewart can juggle? Imagine that. These quirky little facts really do show that celebrities are just like us. They’re not just lying around Saint-Tropez, on a giant yacht drinking champagne. Even Patrick Dempsey — yep Mr McDreamy himself — can juggle and he has even competed. All I know is that he can juggle me any time. Now this is one is just weird. Did you know that David Arqurette is an avid knitter? OMG! I wonder if he makes doilies? Who says celebrities can’t be smart. They may not always do the smartest things, but Geena Davis is a genius. That’s right she has an IQ of 140. That’s pretty damn smart. She is even a member of Mensa — you know, that club for people with really big brains? Now let’s not compare her to Jessica Simpson that would be unfair. If you need to relax with a smooth flute solo, Halle Berry is your girl. I couldn’t believe that one. I would pay to see her play. We even have some poets. Viggo Mortensen is a published poet and painter. He must really have a sensitive side.

Halle Berry1

I love to hear about this stuff, because I find it fascinating that they just don’t lie around counting huge piles of cash and doing celebrity stuff like appearing at charity events or catching a DUI. It’s cool to see them go back to college or even just pursue something that isn’t all glitz and glam. We have even seen some celebs try to get into politics and some have succeeded. It may even inspire you to find some of your own hidden talents or pick up were you left off on an old hobby.

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