Celebrity Apprentice “Child’s Play” Recap! Lisa Rinna Fired!!!

March 13, 2011
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Celebrity Apprentice just aired and this week we saw what the show was really about – showing fight in the board room otherwise “You’re Fired!” Lisa Rinna was the latest victim, and I am not happy with the results!

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So this week the “celebrities” were given the task of writing a children’s book and performing it in front of kids. They were judged on originality, presentation and age appropriateness, by Holly Robinson Pete, and someone named Marjorie, while Eric and Donald Jr. were there to check in on things.

Lisa was the project manager, despite being very reluctant to do so, while Meat Loaf took the job for BackBone. NeNe admitted they picked Lisa to get her out, and Lisa was on to their scheme.

Meat Loaf was wise, he chose a topic that is prominent in schools right now, and on the mind of most parents/kids – bullying. He opted for the book to be done mostly as a play, with Lil’ Jon as the main character who comes to a new school wanting to make friends, but is picked on because of his size. Despite some miscommunication as the where the props go, the men are pretty organized and even come up with a few songs to go with their play, a part that I believe helped them win.

Meanwhile on the ladies team ASAP, Star and Dionne are too busy being divas to really help the team win. They come up with the concept of just being yourself and a lion being afraid to roar. Kind of over my head, so I can imagine four and five year olds. Marlee wanted to do a story on deafness, but Dionne doesn’t agree, saying the kids wont know what deaf is. Merlee said Dionne was being completely ignorant, made her feel handicapped, and that she has never seen such attitude. I love the sign for attitude. Perfect for what was going on.

This was a crucial mistake IMO, Marlee has written several children’s books, and has the experienced lacked in this project.

Lisa asks Star and NeNe to choose colors, font and pretty much finalize the book, while she and the rest of the team head over to block and work on the play.

However for the final version of the cover, Star calls Lisa over and tells her she needs to finalize it as project manager. Star and Dionne also give Lisa a hard time, insisting they should be on the cover as individuals instead of it being a team effort. Lisa sticks to her guns, rightly so, and it publishes as a team effort.

Both teams put on a great performance and go into the boardroom thinking they won.

Turns out the men won, and Lisa keeps Star and Dionne with her. Basically, just like last week, it came down to who “fought” the hardest to stay in. Please. Such a bunch of crap. Legend or not, Dionne didn’t deserve more credit for the book, but did deserve to be fired. Star and Dionne trample all offer Lisa, who remains classy, yet makes the mistake of admitting she crumbled under pressure.

Trump fires her.

Stay tuned where next week, where the person who works fights the hardest wins.

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One Response to “Celebrity Apprentice “Child’s Play” Recap! Lisa Rinna Fired!!!”

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    Andy Z Says:

    I used to love watching “The Apprentice”. I even enjoyed the 1st season of “Celebrity Apprentice” for the most part. But after the second season, which, IMO, was rigged from Day 1 for Joan Rivers to win, my enthusiasm ran dry.

    I did wind up watching the repeat on Bravo today. I feel sorry for Lisa, she truly was railroaded. Marlee was right in telling Trump that Dionne should be fired. She’s a washed-up, has-been and a phony to boot! Starr Jones sucks, too! The ladies are going down in flames until they ditch those two