Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Can We Get Dionne A Scooter Already?!

March 20, 2011
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Tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice has me fired up! Dionne the dinosaur has talked down and out diva’d yet another one on the ladies team, while Gary was acting a fool and took home the win. Why am I still watching?

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I just can’t stand it anymore – Trump really has no idea what is going on and decided who he is going to fire based on 10 minutes of who can shout the loudest.

This time the task at hand was to create a camping experience with amazing RV’s. While I do have to admit I am considering trying one out myself for a family vacation (if I was a rich girl, hah) it had nothing to do with either team.

Model Niki Taylor stepped it up for the ladies this time and did a great job creating an indoor experience, but lacked on the outside. She did a good thing giving each lady a room in the RV to decorate, so each one ran around, shopped and pulled it together. Dionne milled around like a turtle, but managed to complete anything asked of her.

When it came down to it, the inside of the RV’s looked amazing and cozy, and Latoya knew her stuff, and was quite impressive.

However, Niki failed to really create an outdoor experience, which is what they were looking for in the end.

Gary stepped up for the guys and kinda winged it and seemed really out of control. Mark even busted out the cell phone to catch some video of Gary and Jose playing baseball in during the very unfinished task, so he could have some visual proof.

Jose really did a whole lot of nothing, and if he and Dionne are ever on a team, I know who is gonna lose.

But in the end Mark and Richard called in some amazing bushes and plants and pulled off the outdoor look. John rich busted out a country jingle and there ya have the win. We wont talk about how Meat Loaf and the guys didn’t even know there was a flat screen and speakers located on the outside of their camper. Sigh.

In the boardroom, the men called out Gary for his lack or organization and leadership, and we learned that Marlee helped him hear again. He was legally deaf! After the WTF moment, he defended himself, and Trump called him a genius. Sigh.

We learn the ladies lose, and Niki takes responsibility and gets fired.

So much for drama when you have a class act like Niki as project management. Now can we get Dionne a scooter and Jose some motivation?

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    DJC Says:

    Busey is a genius! Try making up acronyms extemporaneously. It isn’t easy!