Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Gary Busey Finally Fired

April 18, 2011
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Celebrity Apprentice was great last night. Omaha Steaks, Gary Busey, Meatloaf, and a Playboy model, who doesn’t eat red meat. What could go wrong?

Gary Busey

This week’s episode began with the return of Gary Busey. Mark McGrath was sent home last week, despite Gary hijacking his pirate fest. Meatloaf was a hot mess, and started drinking the minute Gary walked back in the door.

LaToya Jackson gave her $65 thousand donation to AIDS Project LA. This organization was something she started working on after Michael died, as it was close to his heart. It helps feed and assist HIV-positive people in the Los Angeles area.

For this week’s task, the two teams have to produce an infomercial for Omaha Steaks. Team ASAP names Hope Dworaczyk, the Playmate who doesn’t eat red meat, Project manager, while Gary Busey is the obvious choice for the men.

As the teams separate to strategize, it is pretty clear that if the men win, the women should all be sent home cause they clearly suck at life. Gary immediately appoints Meat Loaf the cook, despite the fact that Meat Loaf pointed out MANY times – he does NOT cook. John rich and Lil’ Jon do. FAIL. Gary then takes several smoke breaks while the men poke jokes instead of stepping up and trying to do something to save the team. I mean I agree – I wanted Gary gone too, but you don’t just let your team flop due to one person.

Gary becomes obsessed with all the wrong details during the sit-down session with Omaha Steaks, focusing on stupid things like “suspended animation” instead of important things like meal options and meat flavors – which they don’t have by the way. Meat Loaf gets some cooking lessons, while the guys all act pissy, yet no one says anything.

Gary is very agitating, and off the wall – trying to name their steak package things like “When the Ocean Meets the Land” or “The Omaha Multi-Flavored Steaks Pack.” Yea – there is no such thing as multi-flavored steaks! It even sounds gross! Meat Loaf is clearly at his wits end. He doesn’t lost his sh!t like he did over the sponges, instead he just rides it out and tells Gary, “No, I don’t think the company would consider making the steaks pre-flavored.” I mean, really it is like babysitting at this point.

Did anyone else notice the Coors Light twelve pack that they had with them during the whole task? I was surprised it wasn’t straight whiskey to be honest with you!

Meanwhile the ladies are doing pretty well. Hope gets opinions and seems to manage even the strongest personalities, but just letting them yap and then doing what she wants after. Whatever works, right?

So LaToya, Star, and NeNe and Marlee are all cooking. LaToya admits she never ever cooked, except a freakin’ egg once, because she has had a personal chef her whole life. Sob. NeNe continues to b!tch and moan about the others, but really what is she doing? Despite negative NeNe the ladies are doing pretty good, and it seems like they will definitely win. Surprise.

Back at the men’s team, things are a hot mess. Gary supposedly called John rich a “boy” and got his undies in a bunch, Meat Loaf is working along, Lil’ Jon is drinking and cutting out numbers and everyone is waiting to lose.

The ladies do their presentation and despite NeNe being the one to actually screw things up by only saying Omaha, instead of Omaha Steaks, and there being very little live cooking, things went well. They implemented branding, they gave a great presentation, kept it short sweet and to the point, with their poker night theme dinner combo. Slam dunk.

Back at the men’s team Meat Loaf nails cooking despite not knowing how to cook. He has the right name I guess. Gary totally loses the crowd and Omaha Steak reps with his flying a kite story. Really I couldn’t tell you what is was about cause I nearly zonked out. Weirdo. Then they called a few people up to eat which was pretty awkward!

To the board room!! Meat Loaf is so frustrated he loses his ability to talk and sounds like he has a stutter. They point out typos on the menu, which is also wrong. FAIL. We get to hear the kite story again, which also puts everyone to sleep after they hold back an embarrassing laugh.

The ladies had no complaints except not saying STEAKS after Omaha.

Gary is ultimately fired and the men don’t even say good-bye. But will this solve their problems?

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