Chanelle Hayes Sex Tape (Photos & Video)

April 18, 2008
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Chanelle Hayes of Big Brother has really been taking notes on how to get her foot in the door quickly as a celebrity the 21 year old reality show contestant has just had a sex tape leaked on the net. She even went all Paris Hilton on us and gives us a night vision view.

Chanelle Hayes’ sex tape come ut at a rather convenient time, as she has a new VH1 show airing today called: Wannabe Pop Star. The fact that the video leaked today, as well as the fact that the sex tape lacks the sex, seems to be quite the convenient scandal.

Chanelle’s sex tape features the Big Brother contestant in matching lingerie, on a bed spanking herself and shaking her butt.

What is scary to me is not only her resemblance to Posh, but how she tries to imitate her. Check out the photos below. What a weirdo!

Check out more photos and video below.

See the Chanelle Hayes sex tape here.

Chanelle Hayes Video

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