Charlie Sheen’s ‘Funny Or Die’ Video Extends Web Takeover

March 9, 2011
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Next up for the newly crowned king of the Internet meme: Charlie Sheen’s ‘Funny Or Die’ video. The maniacal unemployed actor filmed a bit called ‘Winning Recipes’ for the humor website, which is slated to be published sometime Thursday.

Charlie Sheen

I’m guessing the video will feature Charlie, dressed as a chef, trying to recycle all of the hilarity of the past few weeks—goddesses, winning, and tigerblood—but have we had enough already?

As soon as pictures of Sheen with a tiger striped chef’s hat hit the web I began to ponder his shelf life as a viral topic. Sure, sure, it’s clear the he has a pretty solid grasp of how Internet humor works. But is signing on to film a short comedy bit with FOD a sign of desperation, or yet another winning move?

It depends who you ask. The old media seems convinced that we are witnessing a full-blown ‘meltdown,’ complete with ranting, family problems, and public firings. They will undoubtedly posit that his life is dangerously out of control, and that he is simply being exploited for page views.

Whereas the new, social media seems to be loving every minute of his untamed glory, and are certain that he knows exactly what he is doing; playing a role. They are likely to view the video as yet another gem in the menagerie of new Sheen material—and will cover the heck out of it.

Either way, we can all agree that it is starting to feel like he is grasping at fiber optic straws. The hysterical tweets were one thing, but when the madness worked its way onto Ustream I knew we were headed toward the burn out phase.

If I hear someone else incorporate ‘tigerblood’ into another everyday sentence I just might yack.

Charlie Sheen’s Funny Or Die video should be the litmus test to determine whether or not his newly found web fame is in its last throws, or just getting started. Watch it below, and let me know what you think.

UPDATE: After posting and viewing the video, I’ve decided that it was frighteningly hilarious. No one bites into a whole tomato and keeps a straight face. Rock on, Charlie.

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