Cherry Jones Split Up: “The Happiest Of Break Ups”

October 12, 2009
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Cherry Jones’ split up with Sarah Paulson sounds like a friendly one. She called the split a happy break up; read more about Cherry Jones here.

Cherry Jones and Sarah Paulson

The actress who plays the president on ‘24’ is now single after parting ways with her girlfriend of at least four years. People began to guess that something was up when she didn’t even mention Paulson on stage while accepting an Emmy this year.

She explained:

“…I know enough to know that if I had said her name, the rest of the night that’s all anybody from the press would have asked me about. I just wanted to keep it focused on my family.”

So is she in a hurry to find love again? Not really. In fact, she says it’s been nearly 30 years since she’s been single, and she’s loving it:

“I am happy as a bluebird. I wake up every morning just tweeting…I love being on my own for the first time in my adult life. I highly recommend it. I may never be in another relationship as long as I live.”

Isn’t it a relief to see celebs acting adults for once? I mean, there have been some really nasty break-ups and divorces that have gotten out of hand. I’m not naming any names (Jon & Kate), but at least these two are keeping it classy.

I’ve included some photos and video related to Cherry Jones’ split up with Sarah Paulson below.

Cherry Jones and Sarah PaulsonCherry Jones and Sarah PaulsonCherry Jones and Sarah PaulsonCherry Jones and Sarah Paulson

Photos: Marzullo

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