Chris Brown Appearance Miffs ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans, Celebs

March 30, 2011
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After his GMA kerfuffle, Chris Brown continued to beat the street promoting his new record, which included a performance on Dancing With The Stars this week. But fans and even a few of the celebs expressed disgust over his presence.

Chris Brown

Word has it that following his appearance, there were no chairs thrown, no broken glass, and no shirts ripped off—but there were a few less than friendly words published.

Tuesday night’s results show is not only making headlines for the ouster of Mike Catherwood, but for the spotlight time given to the convicted girlfriend abusing, dressing room trashing pop star. As he attempts to ram F.A.M.E down our throats, it seems his antics are once again overshadowing his talent.

Clearly unhappy with having him on their beloved show, fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions. Many tweeted that they boycotted watching the show until the very last moment when the first celebrity dancer would be sent home. Others seemed irritated that the crowd was so receptive of him.

Perhaps even more weighty was the response of some of the celebrities involved with the show. PopEater turned to a source for insight into what took place behind the scenes Tuesday night. They say that Kirstie Alley was especially careful to avoid the singer and that ‘No one wanted anything to do with him.’

Cheryl Burke took it a step further, and said that as a former victim of domestic abuse, she disagreed with him coming on the show, but added ‘…it’s out of my control.’

Earlier this week, I suggested that if ABC insists on keeping their commitment to Brown’s performance, that they should ‘hide the chairs’ and replace the furniture in his dressing room with a plastic ‘Fisher Price’ picnic table.

After all, his behavior has definitely earned him a spot at the kid’s table.

…do you think Dancing With The Stars made a mistake by allowing Chris Brown to perform?

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One Response to “Chris Brown Appearance Miffs ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans, Celebs”

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    Stacy Says:

    I think they DID make a mistake… he bugs me!