Christina Aguilera Rock The Vote (Video)

June 27, 2008
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Christina Aguilera is working on a few new projects, one of which is Rock the Vote. Rock the Vote is a campaign that involves celebrities, in efforts to get young people to vote. Also starring in the campaign with Christina is her son, Max Liron. Christina says she involved him because it is a positive aspect of the media in which she has control over, it’s not just paparazzi snapping photos. Christina who is giving her support to Presidential candidate Barack Obama, and is excited about changing history. She said,

“It is an exciting one. Wow! What a groundbreaking time in history. I mean, we had a woman running for president, which was pretty much unheard of. Um…and an African American running for president. So, it is just exciting…the change that is coming to our country.”

As for the television ad campaign, here is Christina’s message for her young audience;

“It’s time to make history. It’s time to rock the vote.”

Video of Christina Aguilera On Larry King

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