Chupacabra Pictures, Video: Chupacabras Found in Texas!

July 14, 2010
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Ewe! The world’s ugliest mythological creature has finally been found. Chupacabra pictures below for your curiosity along with a cool video. Chupacabras found in Texas, of course of course. Where else would they be?


The latest Chupacabra sighting occurred on a ranch in Hood County, Texas. A terrified rancher and his family called 911, and out came heroic animal control office, Frank Hackett. Donning a superman outfit Mr. Hackett shot the thing dead with his advanced weaponry. See the video and blow-up photos below.

This is not the only instance of Chupacabras found in Texas this week. Just a few days earlier, literally down the road from our terrified family, another rancher took matters into his own hands. Rather than watch the women and children tremble in fear, he brilliantly killed it himself. With what we are not sure, but the story would be improved if it were a pitch fork, garlic and cross.

Read more about this important news story here and here.

In reality nobody knows yet if these stories are truly of the legendary Chupacabra. They are undergoing DNA testing. Our bet is on a new species, in fact we here at Right Television are rooting very hard for Chupacabras. They would make a great new reality show. There has not been a reality pet show yet, and we are thinking this misunderstood species deserves loving homes.

And yet some misguided souls are daring to label the creature a canine without any scientific evidence at all. Maybe even a dog with mange (of all things!). Internationalists are going so far as to call it a Mexican dog. I know doggy when I see doggy. Chupacabras are real. Just look at the video.

So what is a a Chupacabra? According to legend they are blood suckers like vampires whose cuisine of choice is goats. Throughout history many a shepherd in bygone eras reported them destroying their precious flocks. Perhaps in reality all the goats ran away when they were sleeping off the ancient wine. Us worker bees make up so many excuses for skating. You can read the truth about them.

But we know the real truth about Chupacabras. See the pictures below for evidence and no doubts shall remain.

Chupacabra photoChupacabra picturesChupacabras
Chupacabras (Photos – click to blow up)

Chupacabras (Video)

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