Cindy Brunson Is ESPN’s Hot News Babe (Photos & Video)

January 12, 2008
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Meet Cindy Brunson, the ESPN’s 24 hour sports news channel babe. Read more details, see her biography and photos below !

Cindy Brunson is an anchor for ESPN’s 24 hour sports news channel, and currently married to former anchor Steve Berthiaume. Cindy is from Tacoma, Washington and joined ESPN as an anchor in 1999. She also occasionally covers the network’s Sports Center. Before her career on ESPN, she worked as a news reporter for KATU in Portland, Oregon. There she covered the Portland Trail Blazers, the University of Oregon and Oregon State University football, men’s and women’s basketball programs. One of her highlights were the coverage of Giants Barry Bonds when he hit his 755th and 756th career home runs. She wears her hair short most of the time and looks beautiful, but we have a picture for you from Cindy Brunson with a not so hot pair of glasses in a Tina Fey look.

See the picture after the jump!

Cindy Brunson -Video

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8 Responses to “Cindy Brunson Is ESPN’s Hot News Babe (Photos & Video)”

  1. 1
    Joann Elkins Says:

    hey Cindy I;ve been watching you on espn for awhile and wanted to say hi . I don’t know if you remember me but i use to work for your mom and dad at the store in Tacoma . How are they ,you and your sister also .

  2. 2
    Scrubs Malloy Says:

    Brunson is one hot MILF!

  3. 3
    DAV Says:


  4. 4
    Ramanov Says:

    Hey “DAV” tell you what: Let the rest of us appreciate Cindy, while you STFU.

  5. 5
    Keith Says:

    Yea dav STFU!

  6. 6
    Bob Says:

    Hey Dav, I know your kind, yikes!! We love you Cindy, don’t let fruit cake Dav bother you, instead of coming out like he should, he acts fruity tough, haha Dav Cake.

  7. 7
    Snarr Says:

    cool picsxx

  8. 8
    Pam Says:

    Hi Cindy,

    I watch SportCenter all the time!
    Love your show today! Can you tell me where you get your clothes?

    Today, green top & sweater are way cool!

    June 5, 2010