Conan O’Brien Going On Tour!

March 6, 2010
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If you were sad that after almost 16 years of working on late night that, Conan O’Brien would be jobless, then you might be happy to know that he hasn’t completely gone away!

Conan OBrien

It has been announced that Conan will be hitting the road! Continue for more info.

He will reportedly be going on a road trip where he will make plenty of stops to put on live performance shows in major cities. The touring is said to be beginning in April. Yesterday, a tour date and location was revealed when Ticketmaster accidentally posted some information prematurely.

The posting said that CoCo would be hitting up Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona on April 30th. However, Conan’s rep was quick to say that the dates still weren’t set in stone yet, prompting Ticketmaster to take down the date.

Ticketmaster also claimed that tickets for the tour would be going on sale on Monday. No word yet on whether fans can still buy the tickets on this date. Guess we’ll have to standby for more info.

What can you expect from Conan’s live shows? Apparently, lots of music and lots of laughs. While leaving his spot on NBC, it was revealed that Conan is not allowed to make any television appearances until September of this year, which would explain the live show.

I think that it’s probably a good thing. It’ll give Conan some time to make a good decision about what he wants to do next until he figures out a good plan. Hopefully, come September, we’ll see more of Conan and his hair on our TV screens!

Things turned ugly for Conan after Jay Leno’s ratings on “The Jay Leno Show” started to tank. NBC, suggested moving Leno to the 11:35pm spot, giving him a half-hour segment. This would push back Conan’s spot on “The Tonight Show” to 12:05am. Eventually, after a lot of confusion and decisions to move things around, Conan and NBC came to the decision to have him leave “The Tonight Show”, with Jay Leno resuming his position as the host.

It’s good to see that Conan is getting back to work! Take a look at his goodbye speech on his last episode of “The Tonight Show” below.

Conan  OBrien 1 1Conan OBrien 2 1

Photos: Nikki Nelson/ FayesVision

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